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Praying is important and useful

Praying is important and useful experiences


Praying is important and useful : hello Sara, a big hug to you, the truth, the truth is that I really don’t know how to thank my Guardian angel, several times he got me out of trouble, I have countless memories of this, they are not fantasies but real facts; I remember one evening, I had left the highway in Padova, there was a stretch of road where there are no gas stations for a very long time, I remember I had almost run out of gas, I had been driving home from Rome, fear was getting a stronger and stronger grip on me, I started praying my Angel.


I remember I took the wrong road and suddenly I found myself in a sort of countryside, there was a big house, and what surprised me was that on the main face of the house there was a large painting of Jesus; I stopped there, rang the bell, I remember very well the man and his wife, they gave me a little bit of gasoline from their tractor, I thanked them and tried to leave 5 euros with them, I had no other cash on me, they refused it, I will never forget their kindness.


I was able to continue with my journey until I found a gas station, but I will never forget how scared I had become, I asked for help and help promptly arrived.


Once again thank you my Lord, my God, and infinite thanks to my Guardian Angel


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Praying is important and useful is the testimonial from Valentino


Praying is important and useful


Praying is important


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