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Angels in human form

Angels in human form experiences


Angels in human form : I will tell you how Angels can manifest under cover, in the shape of a human, in our everyday lives; two years ago, it was one of my son’s last days of school, he was coming home from school with his scooter and in front of the school he stopped to let an old lady with her dog cross the road, she looked at him in the eyes, smiled at him, and told him “be careful with the red car”, she smiled at him again and kept on crossing the road; my son, before starting off again, looked around but could not see any red car, she thought that there might have been something wrong with the lady’s mind.


He kept going on his scooter, about 300 meters in front of him there was a line of cars, so he slowed down and waited behind the last car, that’s when he heard a loud noise behind him, from a car that was arriving extremely fast, he turned around instinctively, saw that it was red, and again instinctively decided to move over to the pavement, the car arrived and crashed into the last car of the line, exactly where he had been waiting.


He arrived home, still in a state of shock, and told me “mom, today a little old lady, whom I thought was crazy, saved my life” and told me what had happened.


Angels in human form experiences is the testimonial from Catherine


Angels in human form


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