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Signs from up there voice and help

Signs from up there voice and help from my father


Signs from up there voice and help : dear Sara today I tell you about signs from up there, a voice, a help to me, you know on the 30th of May 1998 unfortunately I had a car accident, it was a full frontal hit, I was in the car with my ex-husband, he was driving and I was at his side, we were driving when at one point, we heard a very loud thud, some young men, in two different cars, had been chasing each other, in the down town area, the first car barely managed to avoid us, but the second one was a direct hit, I want to explain that we were driving a small FORD car with just TWO DOORS.


When the car hit us, I could not breathe, about a minute later I started breathing again, I had fractured my sternum, and I was trapped inside the car, my door was not opening, soon after that I tried to lean over to pick up my purse that had fallen between my ankles, that’s when I felt two strong hands grabbing me by the shoulders and pushing me right back again the seat back, they said “DON’T’ MOVE YOUR BACK IS INJURED”, and so I remained in that position until the ambulance arrived.


After 3 days I was able to speak again and I asked my ex who the man was that had sat himself in the rear seats and he told me that there was nobody there, and that he had been there sitting in the car with me the whole time.


Years later I recognized the same voice, I heard it on a cassette tape, it was my father, he had already been dead 32 years, I was 15.


Signs from up there voice and help is the testimonial from Jessica


Signs from up there voice and help from my father


Signs from up there


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