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Angels descend on earth

Angels descend on earth experiences


Angels descend on earth : those are my experiences about Angels descend on earth, dear Sara Luce, my daughter also experienced something similar to what happened to Sara, the protagonist of a testimonial I read on the site; she was in bed, in her bedroom, alone, and could not sleep; suddenly a celestial figure appeared, standing very close to her, it was certainly that of an Angel; it was a beautiful lady, with long hair, her image was clear and well defined, she stayed there with my daughter for about two minutes, she smiled at her while she looked at her straight in the eyes, she did not say anything, and then suddenly the Angel disappeared.


The following morning, as soon as she woke up, my daughter received an email on her phone, it was some good news, they had offered her a position at a local bank for a six-month contract, so the Angel had appeared to give her the good news and that’s why she was smiling.


Believe me, Angels do exist and sometimes they descend on earth just for us.


Angels descend on earth experiences is the testimonial from Francesco


Angels descend on earth


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