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Animals can sense presences

Animals can sense presences experiences


Animals can sense presences : animals, dogs and cats, can feel, they see, sense, perceive things, or presences, the presence of Angels, the presence of entities, of spirits, of souls invisible to our own eyes who are close to us, animals react to these manifestations, let’s read the nice testimonial from Ilaria Barbesino.


Tonight I remembered an episode that happened to me about ten years ago, I would love to share it with you because from that moment on I started my journey of believing in Angels, even though I admit only very recently have I started believing in them completely.


It was the second of November, I was home from work of course because of the holiday, in those days I was suffering from a bad toothache, with an active infection, but because I was afraid of dentists I kept on postponing the dentist visit.


Well, that day, my mother, bless her soul, she called me to invite me to go for a coffee together at my cousin’s bar, it was in the afternoon, around 3 pm, I was not feeling well but since I was going to have to go out to walk the dog anyway, I decided to accept.


We strolled down a boulevard together to the coffee shop, I did not even want to drink coffee because the painkillers had just started alleviating some of the toothache, but I relented, had a coffee, and immediately afterward the pain returned with full intensity, and so I went home; as soon as I got home, I sat on the sofa, so did my dog, and I turned the TV on for some distraction.


Moments later, my dog pointed his nose meaningfully toward the ceiling, it was a Pitbull, he was in full-attention mode, and then I watched his head move slowly to the left and to the right, as if his gaze was following something specifically, I looked but I could not see anything.


Suddenly it started to growl with never-before seen anger, you can imagine a 100 lb Pitbull with all of its teeth in full display, it was a terrifying experience, and I could not see what it was looking at.


I was sitting, frozen, on the sofa footrest, the dog kept on growling, then suddenly he lowered his head and his gaze rested at the side of my face, still growling.


I watched him carefully, and I was ready to flee, and yet I remember I was perfectly still, I was not in fear, I understood that the dog was seeing something, he was not aggressive toward me.


Soon after that I noticed that the noise from the TV, the noise from the growling dog, they started to sound further and further away from me, I was in some kind of a hypnotized state, I could not really explain it, I could see everything but could not feel anything, and could not move either, suddenly, I felt something on my cheek, from the part of the abscess, an ice-cold feeling, but I could not turn, I was in a bubble, I was hypnotized and even my eyesight was going, then I heard a little whisper in my ear, a very sweet voice, I could not make out what it said.


Slowly I started to hear the TV back again, as well as the dog growling, eventually I regained my senses to the point where I could move again, my heart started to beat very fast, and I broke down in tears, that’s when the dog stopped growling.


I called my mother, I was breathless from all the crying, she immediately came to my home as she was very worried, I realized that the pain had gone, I touched my cheek, then I touched my gum, the abscess had disappeared, all that was left was a hole from the canal that had been created, but nothing was coming out, there was nothing there.


My mother arrived, she calmed me down, then she too checked my mouth, and she confirmed the abscess had completely gone, she made drink some water, then I proceeded to tell her everything, she smiled and told me “how do you feel about going to Church and lighting a little candle?” and so we went together.


That night, I remember that for  the first time I was able to sleep soundly after many days of agony, and following repeated banging of my head against the wall, I finally gathered the courage to call the dentist, I set up an appointment for three days later, and for the next three days, waiting for the appointment, I had zero pain, even if the tooth had practically an open hole and it was in really bad shape.


This was my first experience where I felt a physical contact with an entity, I don’t know who that was, but certainly it was someone who was suffering at the sight of seeing me suffer.


Animals can sense presence experiences is the testimonial from Ilaria Barbesino


Animals can sense presences experiences


Animals can sense presences


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