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Having the Angels’ protection

Having the Angels’ protection experiences


Having the Angels’ protection : yes my dear Sara today I tell you about having the Angels’ protection, I was six years old, I lived in Vancouver Canada, end of the 50’s; my school had organized an outing for the children in first grade, to visit the local swimming pool; I did not know how to swim, nevertheless I insisted and I dove from the trampoline, imitating what the other children did; I found myself in deep water, desperately trying to float, but I was sinking, and that’s when I felt a hand grabbing me from behind my head, and pushing me to the edge of the pool; I could not see who it was, and nobody came forward afterward to inquire if I was doing ok, and so I often asked myself if it might have been my Angel Imamiah that ran to my rescue, and I am becoming more and more convinced that this is what actually happened.


Having the Angels’ protection experiences is the testimonial from Francesca


Having the Angels’ protection experiences


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