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The Guardian Angel Testimonials Of Guardian

The Guardian Angel Testimonials Of the Guardian Angels Love For A Stranger


The Guardian Angel Testimonials Of Guardian : today I heard from Michela, the splendid girl who is translating into English all of the Messages from the Sky as well as the angelic testimonials for our website. Listen to the beautiful experience that she had thanks to her sweet Guardian Angel Domenica.


Michela: Love for a stranger


My dear Sara, dear all, I don't know why but while I was translating into English the message titled 'How to light up the eyes of Love' I could feel this testimonial very close to me, I felt that this message was touching me intimately, especially the following two sentences: 'If you wish to help We will give you the possibility to help; if you wish to donate comfort we Will give you the opportunity to comfort one of your brothers'.


Just like in the short story told by Jesus on the message, while I was translating it I also tried to imagine myself helping some stranger, giving him Love, maybe I could help someone at work, since I work at the airport and I always meet a lot of people whom I don't know.


I did not even have the time to think about it: just a few hours later, while I am working at the airline desk, I see a gentleman approaching me, he is in a wheelchair, an older man but very distinguished with a very calm voice, and he says to me, and I quote 'Excuse me madam, can I speak to you for a moment, I don't have a specific question to ask you, I just need someone to listen to me for a little bit ...' I was speechless, I immediately realized that this was once again something coming from my love, my Guardian Angel Domenica, and then I mobilized all of my Love for that man.


A big kiss,





The Guardian Angel Testimonials Of the Guardian Angels Love For A Stranger


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