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Love From The Heaven Testimonials Little Music Box Start Playing Music Heaven Close to us


Love From The Heaven Testimonials : ciao! My name is Emanuela, I am 28 years old; I just finished reading some angelic testimonials on your website ... and I thought that maybe you may like to hear about my own testimonial; actually, I have lots of them that I could tell you, but I want to share with you the most beautiful one of them all, one night it brought almost my entire family together.


It happened one evening in June 2003, my mother, my brother and I were sick with the flu and we were spending some quiet time inside our respective rooms. My dad was in the living room watching some television, listening to it with the headphones so not as to bother us. My sister was out with her friends. It was late, it was twenty past one in the morning, but no-one was really sleeping, that's when my mother feels something like a 'feather' caressing her face and immediately after that both the little music box in the shape of an angel in my bedroom, as well as the music box in the living room where my dad was start playing music by themselves and at the same time.


All of us hear them, we rush to the corridor, looking at each other in astonishment. We were very afraid that this was an omen that my sister was in danger, but we called her and everything was ok, she was coming home. That's when we realized that this was an episode to let us understand that 'they', I don't know if they are Angels or other people, were right there with us, close to us, and realizing this filled us with joy! It's a beautiful sensation, magic, which only the sky knows how to give us.


I also wanted to tell you that I, too, have next to me an Angel with whom I learnt to communicate since 1998, it's not my Guardian Angel, it's a Friend Angel, his name is Andrew and I just can not imagine my life without him. It's the first time that I confess this in the open and I thought, I felt an impulse inside of me to write it and share it with you.


Thank you, bye bye,





Love From The Heaven Testimonials Little Music Box Start Playing Music Heaven Close to us


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