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My Guardian Angel Coincidences And Presence

My Guardian Angel Coincidences And Presence To Me Of My Angel


My Guardian Angel Coincidences And Presence : a few weeks ago, Sara Luce published my testimonial entitled "the First delivery". On that occasion, during the first delivery that I had ever witnessed, we had the testimonial of myself with my Angel Samuele, Sara's Angel, .... and then????; after a few days, during a new experience of mine, the witnessing of a natural birth, it was Isabella's Angel's turn, my mother's Angel, to show itself next to me, allowing me to witness at the last minute the birth of a baby girl called Bianca (transl = white) (and this name has a special meaning both for my mother and for Angel Isabella)


But where was my Guardian Angel Nomiho? What was he up to? Was he going to show up? For sure it would be pretty impossible for a girl to be born, in Italy, with a name like Nomiho. So how was my Guardian Angel going to communicate his presence to me?


When I thought about it, the name Nomiho could be also read, mixing the letters, as "ho nomi" (transl = I have names). Could this be a hint? Days went by and nothing happened, until that morning when I woke up and I thought "today is my last day of training in the delivery ward, I wonder ...... Nomiho......" The morning went by as usual, when then, at the end, a grandfather arrives and asks me if I can help his daughter who was having trouble with his baby niece. I ran and I found myself in front of this woman, Luce, (transl=light) and her girl, Bianca (transl.= white)... Those of you who can read the coincidences is probably already smiling. Yes, this is the sign of my Angel Nomiho, White Light.


Do you remember what Angel Giulio, Genny's Guardian Angel, told us a while ago? "We are made of the kind of energy that you can see as white. It's not exactly white, but an impression of white. We are dressed with light, we are dressed with purity and goodness.


And Nomiho, like every Angel, is White Light, the White Light to which I have been entrusted.


Thank you Nomiho.




My Guardian Angel Coincidences And Presence To Me Of My Angel


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