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The Big Light Gently Accompanied By The Big Light

The Big Light Gently Accompanied By The Big Light Testimonial


When I read Angela's testimonial, I decided to tell you about what happened to my brother in law. This testimonial reinforces a conviction that I have: each day I understand more and more how in our everyday lives we are always gently accompanied by the Big Light. If we have to exist we will do so no matter what, because God is with us.


My brother-in-law experienced first hand a direct testimonial of the fact that, if you are supposed to live, you may be involved in incredible accidents but you will always make it anyway.


While he was driving in his car under an overpass, a truck that was driving on the overpass lost control and dropped a cement block, one of those traffic dividers on the highway, right on top of his car. Then the entire trailer then also fell off the overpass. I can assure you that when we saw the state of the car, which was flattened to a height of about 40 centimeters, we just could not explain how he could have miraculously emerged unharmed.


He later explained to us that he had a vision of something that dragged him out of the car. The strange thing is that when my husband and I went to inspect the car, we both felt a very pleasant and very positive vibe, right next to the car, as if a divine presence was still hanging over the car. My brother in law's life has changed dramatically since. He really did realize that his life is truly precious.


Now it's time for goodbye.


A big kiss,





The Big Light Gently Accompanied By The Big Light Testimonial


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