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Image Of The Virgin Mary Little Medal

Image Of The Virgin Mary Little Medal My Little Girl Is Cured


Image Of The Virgin Mary Little Medal : today I want to tell you about my testimonial, I beg you to believe me because what I am about to tell you really did happen; when my daughter was very small, she was about 8 months old, she inexplicably contracted a virus that's been a constant anguish ever since; this virus, which we have not been able to cure yet, attacks a different organ at the time, in a random order; my little one's eyes were the ones to be affected first, then her nose, than her throat and now the virus had attacked one of her lungs.


You can imagine her suffering and mine, also because I happen to be a doctor and I felt so hopeless faced with this terrible virus.


One day, when I was in an office that I shared with a colleague of mine, I opened a drawer to pick up a prescription pad and I saw something shiny. It was a little oval medal with the image of the Virgin Mary. I held it between my fingers as my thoughts went to my little daughter, then I put it in my colleague's drawer, as I thought that it must have belonged to her. The next time around, again I was in the studio, again I needed the prescription pad... and again I found the little Medal of the Virgin Mary. Looking back, I now attribute my decision at that time to keep this little medal, as if it was mine, to my desperation and anguish, and my hope that my daughter would get better. I prayed. My little girl suffered with her lungs, I could do nothing. I prayed.


That afternoon I was once again at the specialist's office with my daughter. Strangely she seemed improved, if not even cured, although I knew better than nourish any hopes, as this nasty virus had caused for me to be disappointed many times in the past. My little girl was with the doctor in the room, I waited outside, I opened the bag I had with me and the little medal fell in my hand. I caressed it, I looked up toward the window that was facing the trees, in front of me, and I saw a very luminous oval shape, almost blinding. I was astonished, I tried to look at it and in that oval shape I discerned the outline of a feminine figure. Then, a moment later, everything disappeared, all I could see was the old branches of the trees in front of me, as I was left staring at the window.


After a little while, the specialist doctor opened the door, he was beaming: I have great news - rejoice - your daughter is completely cured. There are no words to explain to you what I felt, and even if I tried at all costs to do so, I don't think I could. All I have right now is one word, written in large letters inside my heart: THANK YOU.


Warm regards,





Image Of The Virgin Mary Little Medal My Little Girl Is Cured


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