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My Guardian Angel His Name

My Guardian Angel His Name Gentle Gust Of Wind Blew On My Ear Testimonial


My Guardian Angel His Name : you know, I have also been pondering quite a bit, not so much over whether I can 'feel' my Angel or not, but more over what the name of my Angel is; I would also like to call him by his name, rather than just addressing him as 'Angel', so that I can have with him a more intimate relationship, especially when I find myself asking and thanking him; this is what happened to me.


I have not been sleeping very well for quite a while now: I immediately fall asleep in the evening, but after about 3 hours I wake up, and I can not go back to sleep. I have problems at work, my employing company, for which I have been working for 15 years, will soon put us in 'labor mobility' status, I have thousands of thoughts and worries flying inside my head, and my sleep is therefore suffering from it.


During one of these sleep-deprived nights, while I was trying to fall asleep again, I was trying to visualize my Angel, just like I had read on the Angel's agenda, but to no avail. In addition, my constant repeating the question "What is your name?" eventually lulled me back to sleep. While I was in that 'half-asleep' state, I heard from my right ear: "Miriana". I woke up immediately, in one instant, and I had the feeling that a quick, gentle gust of wind just blew on my right-hand ear.


I don't know if I explain myself very well here or not, all I know is that from that night on, all I find myself doing is asking if I understood it correctly, or whether it's only the outcome of my imagination. I ask my Angel to give me a sign if he wants to be called Miriana, but as of yet I have not been able to see it. I hope I will succeed soon.


Bye, Gilda.


... When I received this letter from Gilda, I consulted with my own Angel Samuele for a confirmation of this. My Angel put me in touch precisely with her, the Angel Miriana, who very happily and eagerly dictated me the confirmation message for Gilda.


Don't ever stop trying to get in touch with your sweet Angel, I know it's not simple, but getting in touch with the Sky never is. You need a lot of love and a lot of effort, but the resulting happiness is great.


A big kiss to all of you and to your very sweet Angels.


Sara Luce



My Guardian Angel His Name Gentle Gust Of Wind Blew On My Ear Testimonial


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