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Intervention Of My Angel Coincidences Number 444

Intervention Of My Angel Coincidences Experience Number 444 Testimonial
Intervention Of My Angel Coincidences Experience Number 444 : first of all, you will need to know that I have been donating blood for decades; my last blood donation was in July 2003, therefore, during the month of December, I received the usual phone call from the local blood donation association, inviting me to go and donate blood; at that time I did not feel very well, and I replied that I would be donating blood at a later stage; this way, I also ended up missing out on those usual regular check-ups that you do when you donate blood, which would have revealed in further details the actual state of my health.
Approximately ten days later, I received another phone call from the blood association: this time a feminine voice, such a beautiful, sweet and convincing voice, which invited me once more to go to the hospital for the blood donation. This time, through that voice, I felt a message that convinced me that donating blood was the right thing to do, because someone somewhere certainly needed my blood. I therefore promised her that the Saturday of the same week I would have gone to the hospital to give blood. And that's precisely what I did. As usual, the doctors began the preliminary check-ups by measuring my blood pressure, which turned out to be about 200!!. The doctor that took the pressure, almost in disbelief, asked a colleague of his to re-check the pressure for him. Same as before, extremely high blood pressure! The doctors immediately recommended a visit to the cardiologist, as well as suggesting a series of specialist visits to determine the causing factor for the anomalous, dangerously high blood pressure.
At that time we were close to the Christmas holidays, and my daughter, Marilena, had just joined us from her town Latina. My experience at the hospital alarmed everyone at home: I booked a cardiologist visit; when I went there, I brought my blood tests results that showed excessively abnormal results. Deep down I knew that these results were consistent with my recent feelings of being unwell, which, so far, I had chosen to ignore.
The cardiologist gave me a thorough visit. He said, after looking at the blood test results, that I needed to start taking full responsibility for my decisions and that I needed to make a choice: to choose between wanting to get better, healthwise, or to remain in that position of high health-risk.
He prescribed immediate treatments and he put me on a diet, encouraging me to break free from my sedentary lifestyle, by taking some long daily walks. Marilena immediately offered to be my 'trainer', inviting me to join her in long walks. She even gave me, as a gift, a book from the Dalai Lama, which I began to read with avid interest. This is how I ended up going to the library to see if there were other books from the same author. I did not find what I was looking for, but, instead, I found a book, with a cover that caught my attention, called "Messengers". I immediately wanted to buy it.
I found particularly interesting a section of the book that talked about an American manager, in our modern times, that, while in regress hypnosis state, relived his life from 2000 years ago, discovering that he used to be Saulo Di Tarso, known after that as Paolo.I was also particularly fascinated by a section of the book where it described the characters of the friends of this manager. These friends were 'chosen' by the Angels through a very particular system: the repetition, three times, of the number 4 would indicate that the person was chosen by the Angels to be part of the friendships with which the Manager "Paolo" was surrounding himself. This is how it happened, the book continues: that these people would wake up in the middle of the night, for no apparent reason, with the urgent desire to ring their manager and when looking at their clock, they would notice that the time indicated was 4:44.
These repeated experiences, together with many other Angelic experiences, were designed to slowly 'verify' the people 'chosen' by the Angels.
A common friend of these people, a manager from the far east, after hearing about these repetitive and extraordinary coincidences, said that he, too, would have believed in it, but only on one condition: that he too would experience such a marvelous experience first hand. And sure enough, one morning he woke up unusually early, he checked the time on his clock. The clock had stopped working, and the time at which the clock hands had stopped was 4:44!
The book proceeded to describe the glorious joy of this latest manager, who finally did believe because he witnessed first hand his very special experience. By then, I was reading each page with ever-increasing interest; I was following my diet and I was taking my long walks. During these walks I would think about those extraordinary "angelic" experiences. I surprised myself by hoping that such a meaningful experience would possibly happen to me, too: the experience of the "444"-.
The first few days of January, when the holidays where wrapping up. Marilena went back to her home and I went to the hospital for a check up, to make sure that the treatments were working, and to see if I was once again able to donate blood. As my blood pressure had gone back to normal levels, they confirmed to me that I was once again able to give blood.
I was happy to know that once again a part of me would be used to help someone else who really needed it. I asked for the various analyses to be done, so that I could show them to the blood association doctors. Three days later, I went to the hospital to pick up the results. At the delivery of the results, a doctor wanted to check through the various results. He confirmed that they had gone back to being within standard values. I folded the document with the test results and I promised myself that I would look at it more thoroughly once I got home.
Comforted by that conversation, I took my time before reviewing the test results to reconfirm to myself that my health situation had improved. When I finally did look at the test certificate, I was profoundly shocked. On the top left hand corner of the sheet, in bold characters, completely isolated from any other reference, were printed the following three digits: 444. Now, I am also one of those happy people who feel that they have lived a very special experience. I really do believe that our Angels follow us everywhere, and that they love us and they can make us live certain situations that make us feel truly special and privileged.
I also believe that the second phone call that I had received, the one urging me to donate blood, that left such a peculiar impression on me, had been 'orchestrated' by an Angel. A creature that follows me, that loves me, and that wants me to LIVE, both in physical and spiritual health, to follow me in my path of research, here and now.
I want to say thank you to my Angel, for his/her particularly beneficial and "autographed" intervention.
A big hug, Umberto.
... And for those of you who would like to read the interesting book to which Umberto is referring, the authors are Julia Ingram and G. W. Hardin. The Title is "Messengers" and the publishing house is Sperling and Kupfer.
A dear goodbye to all
Sara Luce
Title Intervention Of My Angel Coincidences Experience Number 444 Testimonial
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