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Reality Of The Angels

Reality Of The Angels Reality Of Earth The Green Hat Angels And Love
Reality Of The Angels : in order to help a human being to grow, sometimes the Angels choose to inflict some worry; this, too, is Love; not so long ago I picked up again a book on testimonials that I had buried in my drawer, because I was inspired by Patricia, a girl that belonged to our mailing list.
I re-wrote the introduction, I changed the title, I took out a chapter and I added many other nice testimonials that have been broadcast during these last few months. The book was ready and I liked it.
I started to look for the best way to publish my book and Patricia's, working together with her, contacting several publishing houses and scouting any other available options.
During this research project, thanks to the advice of a friend, and following a comparison of price estimates, I arrived to this person, a publisher, who, right from the beginning, showed himself to be very interested in publishing my book as a part of a chain of his books.
A few e-mails and phone calls later, he had read my first fifteen pages and then, with the intention to publish, he asked to be able to see the rest of the book. Then we would have met. The meeting was last Saturday.
Two hours in the car, a series of obstacles in the way, but eventually we managed to meet. I met his daughter and his wife, with whom it was really good to be able to talk about Angels, but especially to talk about a life after our physical life. He, on the other hand, was very critical and distrustful, a prisoner behind his own rationality. But listen to what he told me, with an inquisitive tone in his voice: "One evening a few years ago, three years to be exact, I had to leave his home in a hurry, there was somebody who was ill and he had to run. There was a strong wind and I put my green hat on to protect myself from the cold, but as I was walking really fast, the wind blew my hat off and I could not find it anymore, I had lost my green hat.
Yesterday evening, as usual I took the car to come back home and on the car seat next to mine there was..... the famous green hat, how is that possible?"
I smiled, but he continued by saying "I can't think like that, if I think that that was the same hat that I lost three years and that now was sitting on my seat.... You can grow crazy over this, it's insane."
I kept smiling to him, and I said "You see, the Angels knew that we would have met today to talk about them, and by putting your hat right there, they want to invite you to be free and mentally open so that you can comprehend that there is a reality far greater that the reality we live in now, and the Angels are part of this greater reality. The reality that we know on Earth is -not- the only one... "
I said so, even though I knew that the person that I was speaking to had neither a receptive mind nor a receptive heart.
But the rationality of this person was going to receive a further blow.
While he was showering me with questions, challenges and provocations, almost like a trial to me and the Angels, three young men knocked on his door. At that point, he asked me if I would like to go with him and see who it was. I accepted because my heart was beginning to yearn for some sun and some fresh air. As I was walking down the stairs I saw a girl, and at that time my Angel Samuele began to transmit beautiful emotions to me that He felt for this girl, for her purity, for the light of her heart. I came near her, I opened my mouth and with a happy voice I said to him "you drive a truck, don't you!" He turned around quickly, looked at me in shock, even a little irritated, and proceeded to ask me "But how do you know ...... ooooooh...." And I could almost read the word "Angels" on his lips. I continued to talk to that lovely girl, but soon the 'trial' on me and the Angels started again.
When I finally managed to free myself from the meeting, once I was back in my car - seat belt on, key in the starter, a thought crossed my mind. "Love. We hardly talked about Love. How can you talk about Angels if you don't talk about Love??"
A hug to all of you, with much affection,
Sara Luce
Title Reality Of The Angels Reality Of Earth The Green Hat Angels And Love
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