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My Guardian Angel To Get In Touch

My Guardian Angel To Get In Touch With My Guardian Angel Violetta
My Guardian Angel To Get In Touch : I am extremely excited! I managed to get in touch with my Guardian Angel, let me explain; three days ago my mother did not feel well, she could not stand up; we took her to the hospital for some tests; she had a cerebral apoplexy; not the very heavy form, but the problem was that she almost completely lost her memory.
Yesterday evening I left the shop where I work to go and visit her at the hospital. During the trip I talked to my Angel and I told him this: "Listen, I have listened to what many people have said, but I still don't understand how to actually establish a contact with you. I would like that very much, please give me a sign tonight, if you are there. I beg you!"
So I went to visit my mother. When it came time to leave the hospital, I realized that my mother could not really be trusted to be left alone during the night. Since she had always been a person that loves her autonomy to the exasperation, and not remembering a thing, she could have easily gotten up and fallen off the bed and injured herself. She could risk to hurt herself and therefore I stayed with her at the hospital till the morning.
During those rare moments when she would fall asleep, I would take walks on the corridor and I would look for a smoking area so that I could have a cigarette. I was thinking about certain testimonials that I had heard, where people could smell the perfume of violets whenever there was an Angelic presence, so I said: "Come on, please Angel, give me a small sign, let me smell the perfume of a violet, even if it's only for a couple of minutes, this way I will know for sure that you are here, and I can entrust my thoughts to you, and I can entrust my mother to you in those moments when I will not be able to be here for her, because I will not be able to be here every night. What can I do? Please, just the perfume of Violet, I will ask for nothing else"
At four in the morning I was chatting to the nursing staff, inquiring if they knew of someone that I could pay to come to the hospital to look after my mother. First of all they mentioned a young man, they called him but he was already working with somebody else and could not help us, then one of the nurses exclaimed: "But of course, there is Violetta - I am sure she will be free!"
As I heard that name I felt shivers all over me. I rang Violet the following morning, and she told me that she was available; we arranged to meet that evening at eight, in the hospital. During that afternoon I also had this thought: " I am sure that when I will meet her, she will also smell of violets!"
That evening I was there. At eight o'clock this girl that I recognized immediately came into the room; long, wavy blond hair, chubby face, just like Angels are often portrayed. When I moved closer to her I could even smell her extremely delicate and very sweet perfume. She really smelt wonderful, as I was so sure she was going to. After all, not everybody wears a perfume, but in this case she had to, because the Angels wanted me to be able to smell Violets!
To me this was a great answer from my Angel, not only because he made me smell the perfume of Violetta, but also because he gave me the peace of mind to let my mum in the good care of safe hands. Because, of course, Violetta is a very sweet girl that just loves the patients and from the very first words that she uttered the previous nights, I knew that she believed in God! What else could I have wished for from my Angel?
Finally, this morning my mum was telling Violet how she believed that God went to her, with three Angels. When Violetta repeated this to me this evening, once again I felt shivers all over. My mum has always been very suspicious, and just yesterday she herself was asking me if I think that there is such a thing as life after the passage of death.
I really am extremely excited.
Goodbye, I love you, a kiss,
Title My Guardian Angel To Get In Touch With My Guardian Angel Violetta
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