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Dog Manifestation Of Love After Life Of My Dog

Dog Manifestation Of Love After Life Of My Dog Testimonials Toothbrush
Dog Manifestation Of Love After Life Of My Dog : I read Adriano's story about his dog, and I would like to tell you about something that happened to me a few years ago; we used to have a mutt dog called Toothbrush, because of his black fur that was always a little ruffled up; he was the sweetest of dogs, which always stayed with us; besides, before joining our family he had been abandoned by his previous owners, and we found him in the public kennel.
The entire family adored him, and he returned the love with his sweetest of looks and his tender company.
Toothbrush hated the seaside but in order to be with us he was willing to put up with anything .... When we would go to the seaside on holiday, he would sit at the water edge for hours, with his back facing the water. I won't tell you what we had to go through if we wanted to go on a boat!
A very unfortunate year, we had decided to go on holiday to the seaside, only for a few days, and we had the 'great' idea of leaving Toothbrush behind. Actually, to be precise, we left him with the lady who helped us with some cleaning duties around the house. She offered to look after him until we got back from the holiday. We thought it was a good solution (this lady got on very well with the dog) and we left for our holiday.
When we came back, we found out that the day that when the Lady picked up our dog to take it to her house and took it home, her husband did not want to hear about taking any dog inside the house. She had no choice but to leave the dog outside of their home house. You can imagine what happened next, our dog did not even have an identification collar (just like the majority of our dogs) and rarely he was put on a leash, since we had a large garden in which he was allowed to run free.
The following morning, Toothbrush was gone. The lady looked for him for a while, but then she gave up. We only got to find out about this when we got back. For a few days we searched all roads around us, without luck. Stupidly, we did not think of looking for him in the kennel. Today we would know better, this would be the first place to look for now. We were very sad and, to date, I have still not forgiven myself for not having checked with at the kennel, and you will find out why in a minute.
A few days later, in the middle of the night, my husband woke up and he said 'Toothbrush is back! He licked my hand and he woke me up' Of course we knew that that was impossible, because even though the windows were open because of the heat, but the shutters were closed. In any case, we looked thoroughly around the garden, but we did not find anything. But the impression left on my husband had been very strong, and he was convinced that the dog had been right there with us.
After a few days we found out that a local kennel had found a dog that had been abandoned, and that the dog had been put to sleep. You see, those days if a dog was found but there was no owner for it, dogs that were not in good health were put to sleep. This is what had happened: Toothbrush had run away, had been found in a ditch, with high temperature and a lung infection. So the kennel, after having waited a few days to see if the owner showed up, decided to kill it because the treatments would have been too expensive. The date of its death corresponded with the time in which my husband felt Toothbrush's licking him.
Despite the sad ending, I believe that Toothbrush had wanted to let us feel, one last time, all of his love - and I will always hope that it understood that we did not abandon him. We did have other dogs since, but Toothbrush is always in my heart and, to date, as I am writing this story, tears still cloud my eyes.
At the moment I have two mutts, one has been with me for fourteen years now, the other has arrived a year ago and for her fur and her sweetness she reminds me of my loved Toothbrush. I only get my dogs from the kennel, and to them I give as much care as possible, and lots of love. And I know that they know that, and I also feel that Toothbrush is watching me from the other dimension, and he is close to me.
Title Dog Manifestation Of Love After Life Of My Dog Testimonials Toothbrush
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