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Story Dedicated To All Who Have Lost A Pet

Story Dedicated To All Who Have Lost A Pet Testimonial
Story Dedicated To All Who Have Lost A Pet : before I begin, I would like to specify that this story is dedicated to all who have lost a pet, like a dog, a cat, a bird, to which they were very close, and who wonders if their pet's lives go on even after their deaths; well, I can assure you that the answer is yes, animals, too, have a soul. (this was revealed not only by the souls but I experimented it first hand); I don't want to drag this for too long, so here is my story, which smacks of incredible!
There is a very close friend of mine, to protect his privacy I will call him Adriano, to whom I am very attached, and he is very attached to me. Adriano had a beautiful dog, an Alsatian Arlequine , which used to be the subject of envy for all who happened to see it. This dog had been ill for quite some time, and even after many treatments, the dog was in his final stages of life. Adriano was a very sensitive young man, so he decided to Have his brother look after the dog (his brother, too, loved this dog as if it was his own son) so that he could take care of him until his final days. Adriano would not have been able to cope with the death of his dog, especially if he was going to witness it's death.
Last Christmas we took a little trip together, more specifically we went to San Giovanni Rotondo, to visit Padre Pio, and then we went to Naples to see some friends. The night of 23rd December Adriano dreamt of his dog, it came to him and cuddled up to him, licking him and being playful. In his dream the dog was healthy, it even put on some weight, and it was jumping freely and effortlessly. Adriano was happy to see his dog in good shape.
The following morning he told me of his dream and my reply was that perhaps it was his desire to see the dog back in good health again. After a few hours Adriano's mother rang on his mobile phone, to ask how Adriano was doing.
When we returned from our trip, the first thing that Adriano did was to go and see the dog. That's when his parents and his brother explained to him that his dog had died suddenly, the night of December 23rd. He immediately remembered the dream, and when he asked at what time the dog had died, the time corresponded with when he had that dream.
The dog, as it was departing this world, remembered how much his little owner had loved him, so it made sure it said goodbye to him, by showing him that now he was well, finally. But this is not the end of it. The nice part is still to come.
One morning Adriano and I had a fall out for something meaningless, and for about a month we did not speak to each other, mainly because our pride got in the way. I suffered at not speaking to him, and so did Adriano.
Adriano has some photos that we took of our holidays together. He usually frames and hangs some of the nicest ones. After our fallout he took all of the pictures of us off the wall, and he replaced them with pictures of other friends.
One evening, on 5th August, I dreamt of my late grandmother, and in my dream she was really upset. I asked what was wrong with her, and she replied that she was upset because of my fall out with Adriano, and that things should be brought back to what they were like before. I replied by saying that nothing would go back to what it was like before, but she insisted and got ever more upset than before. During the same night, Adriano fell asleep on the sofa in the kitchen while he was watching TV. He dreamt that his beloved dog cuddled up to him, and stretched next to him. Adriano tld the dog about our fallout, and explained that he felt bad after what has happened. After telling him this, the dog trotted toward his bedroom, opened the drawer with the photos, and took the photo in which I, Adriano and the dog are all together. It carried this photo all the way to Adriano, and put it on Adriano's chest, right next to his heart.
At the beginning Adriano refused to take the photos, but the dog insisted, as if to say that he really must make up with me. Finally Adriano woke up all of a sudden because he heard a noise in the bedroom. He got up and went to check the bedroom.
He saw that the drawer with the photos had been opened, and the very photo that he had dreamt of was laying on his bed. A frosty chill went through him, he could not explain to himself how a photo managed to escape from the drawer. No-one knew of those pictures, and he lived alone. This is how, one more time, the dog made it's presence felt.
After a few days Adriano and I finally made up, now our friendship is even more intense and beautiful than ever before, and we are happy to help each other, just like we used to do, and we are happy to be the best of friends.
The dog knew perfectly well how close we are... thinking of it, even grandmother knew that the only friend was Adriano, and it would have been stupid to end a nice friendship for small things.
I believe that the dog and the grandmother were our Guardian Angels... guarding the friendship and the loyalty of Adriano toward me, as well as my loyalty toward Adriano.
Even animals have a heart, and know what we need, and want what's good for us.
An angelic kiss to all of you who are reading this story.
Remember, our path is difficult but if we explain our will to God and we let love and our Guardian Angels carry us, everything becomes easier.
Goodbye, Beppe
Title Story Dedicated To All Who Have Lost A Pet
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