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Praying To My Guardian Angel Aroma Of Jasmine

Praying To My Guardian Angel Aroma Of Jasmine And A Large YES
Praying To My Guardian Angel Aroma Of Jasmine : I thought I would send you an additional testimonial relating to the Angels, that happened to me just in the last month. One evening, as I was coming home, I found my mother pensive and worried; she told me that my brother had decided to leave his girlfriend with whom he had been going out for five years, because he is no longer sure how much he really cares about her; we were all very sorry to hear that, and saddened, because E. is a very sweet, good natured and gentle girl and we all love her; not only that, but she also feels very comfortable with all of us, especially because her parents are fighting continually and are always in a bad mood.
After this sad news I went to my home and I started praying to my Guardian Angel. First of all, I asked him to stay close to E., who by now must certainly be feeling very sad; I asked him to illuminate my brother and if possible, make him go back on his decision, and to let me know if all will be rectified.
The following morning, while I was sitting in my office, I found myself once again asking Angel if all will be well .... All of a sudden, just for a short moment, I smelt a strong aroma of jasmine all round me. This filled my heart with hope (I read on a book that talked about the Angels that jasmine is the perfume of the archangel Michael, who by the way is the Angel of reconciliation). However, I also know that I am always afraid of misinterpreting the messages from my Angel. Late that afternoon I decided to go for a walk with my little dog (I live outside the city center and my home sits about 2 miles away from the nearest paved road).
During my walk I reached out for my Angel one more time: "Thank you for the sign that you gave me this morning, but please give me the confirmation that I interpreted your sign correctly, be patient with me, you know, I am a slow-learner, so if you could be a little more explicit, maybe by making me find a nice 'yes' somewhere, if you could. Otherwise, never mind!" Well, while I was just a few meters before reaching home, walking back on the same path that I had taken on my way out, I found myself walking over a large "YES", written with pebble stones.
I can not describe to you my immense joy; and within a few days everything settled for the best.
So long, a large kiss,
Praying To My Guardian Angel Aroma Of Jasmine And A Large YES
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