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Help From The Heaven Mums And Cars

Help From The Heaven Mums And Cars Uncle Sandro Help Me From Heaven
Help From The Heaven Mums And Cars : today I will tell you a beautiful story, which has happened to me a few days ago and that I am convinced has something to do with the Angels; I received a big help from the Heaven; Here it is, my mother is not in very good health, and lately she has been losing her memory and her reflexes have slowed down quite a lot. She is 77, and up until last Monday she drove her own car; since last year I had already started thinking that it would be better for her if she stopped driving, but there was no convincing her; my mother is one of those people that just refuse to become an old person.
Last year she lived with one of her sisters and her brother. I knew that her brother had considerable influence over her, so I decided to ask for his help. I went to her home while she was out and I talked to this Uncle of mine, to whom I was also quite close. He told me that he would not be able to talk her out of driving, because he was sure that she would start crying and this would probably cause a rapid decline in her health. That was the last time I saw my uncle, because he died a couple of days after our meeting.
This year, I found myself in a situation where I was without a car and with no money to buy a new one. It was a very difficult situation for my job. I was always forced to ask my mother if she could lend me her car, swallowing my pride each time I had to ask for it. I tried several time to dissuade her from driving, explaining that I could be the keeper of the car, but the car would continue to be in her name and I would have driven her wherever she needed to go. But there was no way she would budge. It seemed as if she had an attachment and a love for her car, as if the car was a human being. Who knows, maybe this is what tends to happen when you get older, you tend to get extremely attached to things.
Anyway, I was quite worried about this because her health continued to deteriorate over the following year, not only with the loss of memory (once she even got lost) but also with the loss of reflex. In addition I was very depressed because I was not working very well and I could never bring my child anywhere nice during the weekend, we were stuck in the city.
Last Monday my mother called me, she had had a car accident, luckily she was not injured, however the car was a write-off. She practically drove into a parked truck, and she tells me that she felt as if she was being pushed right against that truck, it was incredible!
That evening, she told me that she planned on buying another car and that's where I came in, initially in a mild manner, but afterward by shouting at her, telling her that I was not allowing her to do that. I propose that she helps me buy a car, because I could not afford to buy one by myself, and then I would take here wherever she needed to go, but no, she said that she wanted her own car.
I was really quite depressed. The following morning my auntie comes home to visit, and she tells me: I will help you .... I will give you a part of the money that we received from the sale of Sandro's old business (Sandro is the uncle to whom I had orginally asked for help) and you buy yourself a car - 1,000 Euros. Well, I was really happy at the generous gesture from my auntie, but I felt as if my problems were not going to be solved with 1,000 Euros, because what can I buy with 1,000 Euros?
The following morning she visits again, and she tells me that there is an absolute bargain to check out, a gentleman who had a problem with his hand and can no longer drive wants to sell his own car and he is selling it for very little money. I went to see it, it wasn't the newest model, but it was very well kept. It was white (the color of purity), new tires, new battery, security system, really a great deal. He happened to live very close to the title office so we were able to register the car in my name within the same morning. By noon I was going home in my new car. 350 Euros for the car plus 400 Euros for the registration ... I even had money left over!
I am very impressed by what has happened, because I am sure that it was my Uncle Sandro who was helping me out, he used to be the car repair person and he was the one who always found me great used car deals, and they always were great deals!
A very big kiss to my adored uncle, to you, to the Heaven and to all Angels!!
... and a very latest news from Sara Luce: two days after Lidia told me this testimonial, her mother called her to say 'I am not sure I want to buy a new car for myself anymore ... would you give me a lift every if I needed one?'
Often we have talked about how the Angels guide the coincidences that happen in our lives, to help us in our path. The Angels, like the Teachers, the Guides, the Saints, the Madonna, the Lord and God, together with all of our loved ones who have already gone back to the home of the Father, are all part of what we call the Dimension. This testimonial that I share with you today, talks about all the Love and all the Help that takes place for us, often without us even knowing it.
Help From The Heaven Mums And Cars Uncle Sandro Help Me From Heaven
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