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Illness And Coincidences The Way Of Recovery

Illness And Coincidences The Way Of Recovery New Therapy Testimonials
Illness And Coincidences The Way Of Recovery : I know of a young mother who for the past couple of years has been suffering from a serious degenerating condition, the only treatment that the various specialists proposed has been to use cortisone; while cortisone, taken even in strong doses, would alleviate the pain a little, it did not really cure her condition; recently she started having problems with her vision, it turned out that she developed glaucoma, caused most probably by the cortisone itself.
This mother found herself in a dilemma: if she increased the cortisone doses to help the pain, her glaucoma would worsen. If she decreased the cortisone doses, maybe the glaucoma would not get worse, but the pain at this stage was constant and almost unbearable. What should she do? Even I felt powerless like her.
So I decided, through metaphony, to ask for some help from the friends of the Dimension, maybe they could give her some advice .... And this is exactly what happened. They gave her a message that reflected precisely her emotions, they told her what to do in order to reactivate her metabolism both from the psychological and emotional point of view. They also told her this: 'Very soon a trip there is hope'.
A very beautiful message in it whole, a message that invited you to cling on to the meaning of life. This last sentence referred to the new trip and allowed us to understand immediately that there would have been a meeting with a new doctor, maybe not from our own town, who knows who he could be ...
'Soon', they said; but 'soon', for Them, is a relative concept, and her situation was serious ...
Almost a month passed by when one day, in the middle of one of our own discussion meetings, we were talking about the meaning of life. A young man tells me of a person that he had met in the past who had been cured of her tumor, thanks to a very simple and economical therapy that acted at cell level, re-balancing each cell and reactivating the immune system.
While I was listening to him, hearing the scientific explanation of it, I asked myself if this cure could possibly apply also to that young mother's illness.
I asked him to send me more information including the address of the website where I could read more about this theory and therapy. The man also sent me the phone number of the person who was cured of the tumor, in case I wanted to speak to her.
Looking at the website, even though it was specifically relating to tumors, I found certain references that made me think more and more that even our mother could benefit from this cure. It was just necessary to see if this cure had ever been experimented on conditions like hers.
Originally I did not want to tell her anything until I received the confirmation, but when I saw her suffering so much from the pain and being so downcast, I could not resist. 'Maybe there is hope', a new therapy ....'
For the following three days I bombarded this Foundation with phone calls, but all I got was the signal of the fax machine tone; then, finally, a voice answered my call, a doctor. He answered my questions with a 'Yes, we have already experimented on this type of pathologies, with good results...'.
'Very soon a trip there is hope', they said, and this mother in on her way to Florence.
Sara Luce
Ps - It's clear that this therapy is not a miracle, for those belong to God. Despite this therapy some people do die, other people have a heart failure, others recover fully. I will let you know about the outcome for this mother. One thing that's for sure is that, if used as a preventative cure, this therapy prevents any type of tumor, this is why I decided to give you the internet address that was given me, so that those who are interested can find out more about it. The address is www.pantellini.org
Illness And Coincidences The Way Of Recovery New Therapy Testimonials
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