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Guardian Angel Each One Has His Own Guardian

Guardian Angel Each One Has His Own Guardian Angel Testimonials
Guardian Angel Each One Has His Own Guardian : I thought I would share with you also my testimonial (one of the many gifts that the Angels have given me) of how I discovered their important presence and their great love and how even people who have left us behind to go to the sky continue to be part of our lives, even if we can't see them anymore.
It all began in January 1992.
In this period, unfortunately, my adored father flew to the sky and from that moment on I had decided to try my best to help my mother. However, despite all my efforts, I could not conclude anything positive and I kept asking myself if there was not anybody that could possibly help my mother and I.
The night between 31st October and 1st November of the same year, however, I had a very peculiar and extraordinary dream: I smaller in age than I really was, and after having walked along a trail covered with little shiny golden coins, I entered an old empty house, which was completely empty. Once inside the house I looked out from an enormous window, of which there was only the whole, and I see an extremely white and very luminous light, which somehow did not manage to blind me. While I was looking at this light I heard someone call me, I turned around and I saw my father surrounded by the same light that I had seen outside the window. I ran toward him, I hugged him and I asked him (through my thoughts) how he was; he gave me a big smile, he told me (always without actually speaking) that he was very well, that the following day they would have had a big party and that soon I would receive a nice present, very sweet; and then he left flying out of the window that I saw at the beginning.
After about a couple of months from this beautiful dream, which had left a great peace inside my heart, while pressing the buttons of the TV remote control I found a program that talked about Angels (it was the first time that I had seen such program and it was the only release that I managed to see) where there was a lady that explained that each one of us has his/her own Guardian Angel and that at any given time, especially during hard moments, we can ask him for help because he is close to us specifically to help us.
It was just the reply that I was looking for.
This is how I started to call my Angel, and talk to him, and from that moment on many times he made me feel his presence, his help and his love many times.
Not only that, but thanks to them I managed to bring back a little sunshine also in the heart of my mother who had lost the will to live and something to believe in.
I believe that the gift that my father talked about in the dream was just this: rediscover my Guardian Angel and the love of Jesus. It's the nicest present that I have ever received! And this is only the beginning!
An enormous kiss, Francy
Guardian Angel Each One Has His Own Guardian Angel Testimonials
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