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Existence Of Angels I Did Not Think I Deserved It

Existence Of Angels My Angel I Did Not Think I Deserved It Testimonial
Existence Of Angels Did Not Think I Deserved It : I discovered the existence of Angels a couple of years ago. Three years, to be exact, following a car accident.
At the beginning I thought that it was just my imagination, but then, with time, I stopped believing that it was just that, and I understood the coincidences.
It was my boyfriend, whom I have met a year ago, exactly two years after the accident, who made me meet my Angel for the first time. He told me that each one of us has someone next to us; that meant me too then, even though I did not think I deserved it. How did I find out his name? My boyfriend gave me his favorite stuffed toy, the one that he would not part from when he was a kid. He told me that this would be a way for him to be close to me and for his presence to be felt.
This little gray stuffed toy, a little cat with a teddy bear face, had never had a name, but I named it Lele. I had heard a voice that suggested this name to me. Over the phone my boyfriend, Laerte, asked me what Lele stood for. 'Lele stands for Gabriele', I replied. And inside I was thinking 'what a name, how on earth did I come up with it anyway?'
A while later, I was asking Laerte about my Angel: what he was like, what his name was. His reply to my name question was: "Come on, you already know his name...", and he started laughing. That's when I replayed the name in my head "Lele stands for Gabriele"....
I would love to see it, my Angel, I think it is beautiful.....
Title Existence Of Angels My Angel I Did Not Think I Deserved It Testimonial
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