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Words In The Wind Angelic Testimonials

Words In The Wind Angelic Testimonials Real Presence Of Angels
Words In The Wind Angelic Testimonials : from this week we will start again with the transmission of our angelic testimonials; it's the fourth year now that many people tell us about their experiences and are witness to the real presence of Angels next to each one of us, but I have here my Angel Samuele who asked me to bring you a message dictated by al of your Guardian Angels:
'If you will open your good heart and you will be ready to meet us, we will fly to you to bring you all of our sweet love and all of our hope which you need to help yourselves to face the many experiences that life brings you and together you will see that life itself will be painted a nicer colour, it will be easier and more exciting than you had ever imagined. This is my message and my wish for every one of you who are reading about our testimonials. Accept our love and you will make us happy. In the name of all Guardian Angels this is the Angel Samuele who has spoken to you and this message is donated to you to help you look beyond the concrete reality in which you are used to see your existence'.
Many hugs, Sara Luce
Laura: Words in the wind.
July. It was our second week into our vacation, we both needed to relax a bit, but my husband fell ill.
In the morning we had been to the Emergency Room, my husband had had an attack, a fibrillation of the atrium, and the enzymes levels had increased, they wanted to keep him in the hospital but he refused.
We went back to the hotel, the doctor at the hotel said that it would be better to have those enzymes levels checked again as soon as possible. 'Let's go immediately' I said, and I convinced him also because I am not sure who was the most scared between the two of us. They drew his blood, we had to wait, I went outside to smoke a cigarette, it was stifling hot, I sat on the low wall and I felt sick, I was panic stricken also because we were so far away from the doctors that we normally went to.
All of a sudden it became windy, like a breeze that ruffled my hair and in the breeze I heard many voices that said 'We are close to you' .... At that point, I was so worried about my nephew who was not answering either the home or the cell phone, and he usually does that when he is very sick, that my reply was ' Don't be close to me, be close to them'.
After a moment my husband came out of the hospital, clutching a sheet with the results of the analysis in his hand, he was crying, he looked at me and said 'They are back to normal', referring to the enzymes levels being back to normal, .... and in the evening my nephew called me back.
Words In The Wind Angelic Testimonials Real Presence Of Angels
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