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My Angel Eyes Blue And A Smile Full Of Love

My Angel Eyes So Blue And A Smile Full Of Love The Courage To Dare
>My Angel Eyes So Blue And A Smile Full Of Love : I want to write a brief introduction, approximately 7 years ago while on holiday in Calabria, I had a serious crush on a man, and it was reciprocal; following a few issues we stopped seeing each other, although we never clarified the situation between us.
I had always considered our relationship as ended, but every time I see him again the memories and perhaps the love make me think that I would really like to clear the situation and maybe give our love another chance.
Last Saturday I left for a short trip to Calabria and yesterday afternoon, while we were being driven back to the airport to go back home, I asked Penelope, my sweet Angel, to give me the strength to tell him how much I miss him. The last thing that I managed to tell him was 'Can I tell you something' and then as usual I locked up. But then once I was through with the check in, while I was waiting to board, a lady sitting next to me, after watching me drop the boarding card one the floor once and the key ring twice, said to me 'It means that someone likes you'. In that precise moment, I felt my heart jump, just like I am feeling right now, and I felt the need to send a text message through my cell phone to my ex boyfriend, telling him how much I missed him.
I don't know if that woman was an Angel (my Angel) or not, but last night I dreamt of her: I was in the car (I think), when suddenly another car approached me and I saw her again, her eyes so blue and a smile full of love; neither of us spoke a word: she only said hello and then she left. I don't know if the relationship with my ex-boyfriend will ever start again, (I would like that), I don't even know if he will ever reply to my text message, but I am happy to have met my Angel, Penelope, and most importantly to have received from her all that I had asked, which was courage.
A hug,
My Angel Eyes So Blue And A Smile Full Of Love The Courage To Dare
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