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The Coincidence Sign Events Dreams

The Coincidence Sign Events Dreams This morning Coincidence
The Coincidence Sign Events Dreams : after a restless night, with complex, intense and chaotic dreams, I wake up with something of a daydream, I imagine that a co-worker visits me, he was supposed to take care of a quite delicate economic-financial-psychological problem, that had been dragging for year, and I had not heard from him for a long time (a further cause of my unrest) and I imagine with extreme accuracy the sentences that I tell him, which come out of my mouth with spontaneity and simplicity.
After not even 10 minutes this very person calls me on the phone, first time since several months at least, and he tells me that he will come and visit me in a few minutes. Naturally, I tell him exactly the words that had gone through my mind moments earlier and I see him renewed and re-energized on his commitment ....
After a few minutes a courier rings my bell to deliver a parcel, I guess that it's the delivery of a collection of cartoons that I had ordered through the internet. But in the parcel I find surprise, a gift book (obviously chosen by the editor and without my knowledge): THE COINCIDENCE, written by Manlio Cancogni, one of the nicest souls, knowledgeable and sensitive, highly spiritual, ethical and just, that have ever graced Italian soil ....
This is what happened so far this morning .... we await other events.
All I did was to ask, last night, for a sign to give me strength in this sea of corruption, bad manners and prostitution with which I fight every day ....
Goodbye, Claudio
The Coincidence Sign Events Dreams This morning Coincidence
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