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Accompanied By The Angels A Special Journey

Accompanied By The Angels A Very Special Journey Testimonials
Accompanied By The Angels A Very Special Journey : for my New Year's Eve vacation, I had decided to travel to Uruguay to see some very good friends of mine, with whom I share my spiritual journey. We had been writing e-mails to each other for years and I really felt a desire to go and visit them; one of these friends is exactly Mother Esmeralda, whom some of you know through the words of Sara Luce; for many years, Mother Esmeralda has brought the words of God in many countries in the World, since she is in direct contact with the words and the images that He sends; today she is very old and ill, but, when not completely paralyzed by her physical suffering, she is always available to spread the words that God gives her to sustain many and many Souls on this earth.
It would take an entire book to write about my adventure to Uruguay, twenty unforgettable days, but I wanted to tell you about one trip, a very special trip.
We had programmed to go and visit the Salto Dam, The Represa, together with Giancarlo, but as it always seemed to happen, our plans were routinely changed, the 'Director' always had a better plan for us, and this is what we ended up doing.
So.. that morning I was going to go to the Salto dam with Fernando; Mother Esmeralda kept telling me to go slowly, to be careful, God, through her, told us: 'Go in serenity, you will be accompanied by my Angels'... We had no idea just to what extent those words were true ...
When we left the morning of 2nd January, Fernando did not feel at all well, he felt very tired, he had a temperature, a headache and he did not feel strong on his feet, however in order not to disappoint me, he did not say a word and decided to accompany me anyway.
However I could sense that something was not right, I felt him to be very nervous, so I started telling him about the signs that I often receive from the Angels (to distract him), many of these signs come through the radio, so we turned the car radio on.
Right on that moment the radio transmitted a song from many years ago.... Fernando's mood began to change, and with a smile, after a little while, he told me that that song reminded him of one of his happiest moments in his life, he relived those happy times in his memories, those emotions, the joy of that period and after a while his headache and tension began to wane away, he felt revitalized.
And after a few more songs another song was aired, this time it reminded me of a happy time of my life.
Although Fernando is a very reserved person, those emotions made him open up completely, he talked to me about himself for over two hours .... , his problems, his insecurities, his fears.... I tried to give possible solutions to his restlessness, in some of the sentences that I said I was even a little hard with him, but always for his good .... At one point his opening up to me was so extreme, to the point of telling me things about himself that he had never revealed to anybody, and that's when I told him 'Fernando if we were not driving I would give you a hug right now', just think, we were driving at 100 kilometers an hour, and when he heard my words he stopped the car immediately and pulling over to the side of the road we hugged each other ... one of those classic and timeless moments in life ....
From that moment our adventure toward Salto really started. But, why did I want to visit the Salto Dam, when it was so far away? Well, in Salto there is this great hydroelectric station, called 'La Represa', I think it's the largest in South America and under the dam there is a little town, called Salto, with about 100,000 people living there.
In the messages received from Mother Esmeralda, God said that there would be a time when this dam will break and pour millions of liters of water on to the little town.... It could be a tragedy, but this is where the first direct intervention of the Angels will take place, they will separate the waters, most importantly because this act will be seen throughout the world, the whole world will know.
Lately it's been known that this dam has a crack that is proving difficult to repair because it is located underground and it would require an enormous amount of funds, which currently Uruguay does not have, due to the economic crisis.
It was lunch time and a series of coincidences made us decide to stop at a small restaurant, which we later found out was the best in the whole journey (did you have any doubt?)
After lunch we resumed our travelling. Imagine, Uruguay is a Country with an extremely low population density, which meant that we could travel 20 or 30 kilometers without seeing any house or cars ... nevertheless so many small signals kept coming our way, I remember that at one point the radio transmitted a song by Enya (unfortunately I do not remember which one) ... it was a particularly touching moment because we both got goosebumps from being so overwhelmed with emotion ... we really did feel the presence of the Angels next to us ....
By approximately 18:00 we had reached Salto, and the car was giving us some problems, every now and then one of those little lights on the dashboard kept coming on. I was not worried but Fernando started to get alarmed: he absolutely had to fix that problem in order to be relaxed again, so he went and bought the parts that needed replacing (the little charcoal parts for the alternator) Fernarndo reckoned that it would take him 5 minutes, but I had the feeling that it would be longer than that... in fact, after about 20 minutes that he was still fiddling with the engine, I realized that unfortunately I was right... however once again the unexpected help came our way!!!
Suddenly a repair truck shows up on his way somewhere, and just think of the coincidence, the truck happened to be covered by our insurance package, and the truck happened to be driving so slowly that it was very easy for us to flag him down. Half an hour later our car was perfect again and we could continue with our travel.
That evening we stayed from midnight to three in the morning in a place about 7 kilometers from Salto called Aurora, on a large meadow with an extraordinary view, a site of many claimed UFO sightings.
Imagine, the place is poorly lit, you need a flashlight to go anywhere and understandably you are a little frightened, however even in that place the signs were not amiss ... everything was orchestrated ...., for example I told Fernando that whenever I see a little white butterfly for me that is an extremely positive sign... and right there and then a small white butterfly flew right in front of our torch, the incredible thing is that it was the one and only butterfly we ever saw in that place ....
Well, what I had not even expected was to find out that that specific site had some kind of crypt with inside it a statue of Father Pio, but Fernarndo explained to me that in Uruguay there are very many people that know and love Father Pio.
In order to see the statue we aimed our flashlight at the crypt, and we were surprised to notice that the light beam on the crypt seemed to draw the shape of a dove ... (then we realized that there was something glued on the flashlight screen that created a shape of a dove every time the light beam was aimed to a solid surface) ... was this also a coincidence???
We relaxed and laid out on the grass (it was summer there), looking at the sky and the stars, but inside me I had this desire to see something else .... We only saw the wonderful star studded sky of the southern hemisphere, the stars seemed closer from over there ... sometimes we happened to smell flowers, even though there were no flowers around.
Then we went to a meeting and finally we went to our hotel to get some rest. The following morning, we drove a bit more and we reached the famous Salto dam; what an imposing feat!
We gathered some information and we found out that since September 2001 visitors were no longer allowed on the dam for fear of terrorist attacks, nobody was allowed to visit the dam since them.
What could we do? Nothing other than look at it from the outside however ..... after a few minutes a car approached us, it was a politician, he looked like some kind of governor, he was taking a couple of Spanish guests to visit the dam and .... he allowed us to enter the dam with them and see it from the inside.
Another curious detail was that Fernando could discern certain facial features of his grandfather in the face of the politician; when leaving the dam, Fernarndo shook hands with the man and said: 'I am Fernando Chiesa and I wanted to thank you for letting us visit the dam' .... And the man replied
'Chiesa? My last name is also Chiesa!'... They talked to each other for a bit and they discovered that Fernando's grandfather was the gentleman's uncle, even though they had never met. Another great surprise, don't you think?
We hopped back in the car, Fernando suggested to make a quick trip to Argentina, since the border was very close, right after the dam bridge, and I readily accepted the invitation, although in my mind I was thinking 'I wonder if also in Argentina the Angels will guide us and protect us ....' I did not realize that in a few moments that question would have met with a striking reply ...
Soon after we entered Customs to have our passport and visas checked.
We were kept there for at least twenty minutes because I have an Italian passport. While we were waiting, a couple entered the office, I looked up to the lady, our eyes met briefly; I thought to myself 'what a sunny person, so smiling, it would be nice if we were all like that', then I started thinking about my passport again.
It just so happened that couple and us left the office at exactly the same time, they had a car parked outside, a blue car - when leaving the parking lot we did not know which way to take, there were three possible roads to take. Fernando lowered his window and asked the lady in the blue car which was the right way, and she kindly pointed it to me.
We crossed the border slowly, the blue car was about to pass us when the lady told us 'you are going to Concordia, we will show you the way', Fernando and I looked at each other in surprise because we had not told anyone our destination ... after a moment of surprise we finally realized that it was clear that it was Them that continued to guide us, the strange thing was that their car was going much too fast for us, we could not keep up with them, and eventually we lost sight of them.
With so much emotional overload we did not know where we were anywhere, if we were on planet earth or not, and after about 4 kilometers something else incredible happened to us. However, before this, I need to go back a step: you need to know that a few days before our journey began, Fernando had told me about an experience that he had had a few years before, in 1993, he was jogging in the park, he used to do that a lot to relieve his tension, when one day while he was jogging he saw a girl on the grass in the park, who was practicing yoga .... How strange, he thought, and that girl was so beautiful, so perfect that he even thought ' This girl is not from around here, she is not earthly, she is too perfect' ... he jogged a few more steps and he decided to turn around to take one more look at her, but she had literally vanished, gone, within an instant, he started looking everywhere for her, but he never saw her again.
Fernando told me that he believed that the girl was actually an Angel and he asked himself the meaning of this meeting with the Angel. The sign was just about to materialize, just before reaching Concordia.
We were driving on the highway when all of a sudden, on the verge of the road, we saw a girl, with olive green skin, probably of Indian origin, that was practicing yoga.
We saw her for a split moment, but we knew immediately that it was once again one of Them, first of all because who on earth would dream of doing yoga on the side of the road? And it was even raining, and then to find someone with olive skin, of Indian descent, was extremely rare in Uruguay.
I begged Fernando to stop and go back to see her again, but he refused and told me 'I already know that if we go back she will not be there because she will have disappeared ...'.
We visited Concordia, in the rain, a quick trip in the car for about an hour and then we went back to Uruguay again; try to guess who we bumped into at the Customs office again??? The couple in the blue car!!! They had entered Argentina with us and they left with us ... incredible, they wanted to reassure us, even there we were being followed and protected.
I know this is crazy, I am not making any of this up, I swear, this is exactly how it happened on this trip .... I still have in my ears the sound of Sara Luce bursting out laughing when I told her about my adventure 'The Angels really went wild, all the help with the perfect timing and even the little game with making you see everything that you happened to be thinking about, to which you attributed the meaning of signs, and this is the joy that Angels give you, even to me while I am listening to you'.
... And I did not even tell her the multitude of other small signs that we experienced together with Fernando during the entire trip.
A hug Andrea
Accompanied By The Angels A Very Special Journey Testimonials
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