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Angels The Color White Is Used By The Angels

Angels The Color White Is Often Used By The Angels In Our Dream To Communicate
Angels The Color White Is Often Used By The Angels : it's already happened that, following some testimonials, I mentioned to you that the color white, a color rarely used by our unconscious, is often used by the Angels in our dreams, to communicate with us, to highlight something to us, a concept, a feeling, an emotion, important for our growth; the 'white on white' brings with it an even greater message, because it's a message that comes directly from God. But read Gilda's testimonial, Sara Luce
Gilda:'The news in my dream'
I have been meaning to tell you about something that happened to me in the middle of last November for a while now.
It began last summer when my father found out that he had some problems with his heart. In November he had an operation, the surgeon described the operation as 'monumental', it consisted of a by-pass to a coronary, a tract of the ascending aorta being rebuilt due to a 6-centimeter aneurysm, and the replacement of a valve.
Beforehand, when we talked about it, we knew that the operation was going to be a long and complex one, but we did not realize to what extent because we were ignorant on the matter, to us it was words referring to terminology and body parts.
My father, the person directly affected by this, was very serene during the pre-operation preparation activities and tests, he was in the hospital for a month for additional testing and while he was there he socialized, he rested, but most importantly he prayed. I say this because my father would prefer to skip a meal if it meant that he could go to church to recite a rosary, or to listen to a Mass service, he had been like this for a very long time.
Thus he got to meet many people, women, men, elderly and young ones, a circle of friends that no one of us really thought about, until the day of his operation.
On the day of the operation, as they carried him to the operating room, there were many smiles, hello's, caresses and affectionate gestures from every patient and from the staff that were present in his ward.
I will leave it to you to imagine how happy my father was, the kind of joy that can be compared to that of a child blowing the candles on his birthday cake. For us who knew him, we could see the pure delight, the irony is that he was just about to be split open, frozen, brought to a death-like state, and here he was, happy, jovial and faithful!
The operation lasted 8 hours, the surgeon who operated on him said that there were no complications, they expected that the following morning dad would wake up and the tubes would be removed. Instead.... that's when the real worries started!
'The patient is not having a good awakening', this meant that he was moving, but not in a conscious state, and since his muscular tone was very good despite him being a thin man, this was not allowing him to get any rest without needing a sedative. The longer he remained under sedatives, the longer it was going to take him to recover. This generated problems with lungs, infections, let alone the fact that the brain was exposed to an ever increasing risk of not functioning correctly.
You can imagine what a succession of worries came to our minds with each day, what a variety of emotions kept alternating, twice a day we would go to see him behind a glass screen with the hope that the doctor on duty in the intensive care unit would tell us that things were getting better, instead the reply was always the same 'we need to keep him sedated'.
On the seventh day they ordered a brain scan, the outcome: an old ischemia (never diagnosed), therefore they made us sign the form to authorize the tracheotomy and they diplomatically prepared us for what could be the different possible outcomes upon his awakening.
On the way back home, talking to my husband, I said: 'we need a miracle! That dad wakes up by himself all of a sudden, conscious, and for it to happen now'.
My question kept ringing stubbornly in my head: will he wake up by himself without the tracheotomy operation? I fell asleep with this question. And I wished for an answer.
That night I had a dream: I was walking in front of a shop and I saw a pair of beige trousers, I asked if they had them in my size, but the assistant told me that they did not, and that she would check the pair that was displayed on the window.
I tried those trousers on, which were beige, but when I left the fitting room and I looked at myself in the mirror, the trousers were most definitely white, with white flowers embroidered on them.
I even dreamt of some blood on me and on whomever was around me. In any case, I did buy the trousers.
The following morning, while we were going to the hospital with my mother and my brother, I told them all about my dream, cautioning them to take my dream with a pinch of salt. Clearly, following the previous day's words from the doctor, I could have dreamt of just about anything, but it was the hard facts that counted.
Well, as soon as we reached the hospital, the doctor from the previous evening met us and told us that father had woken up well. The joy, the surprise, the euphoria of the unexpected!
While we waited for the visiting hours to come up I kept thinking about my dream.... Could this have been a miracle? Could this be a miracle? Who knows, maybe it's just a coincidence! When we met the doctor again, we were smiling and yearning to hear more details, and he told us: 'Father is awake and I am astonished! Last night I accompanied him myself to do the brain scan and I will not tell you what his conditions were. I waited for the results, I read them and the last thing I expected to see this morning was your father at eight o'clock, wide-awake, resting on his bed. How do we want to call it??? A miracle????
At this point, I would not want to pass as the latest fatalist or, even less, I would not want to snob those who do not believe in the strength of prayer and faith. I do not even feel like saying that all of your prayers are going to come true, we all know very well that there is a lot of suffering in the world, even with all of the prayers from people that are close or neighbors, but I am anxious to understand if in some way the dream that I had was linked to what happened, and in any case I want to take the opportunity to thank my Angel and my father's angel, I thank all people that have been close to us in their thoughts and prayers, and I thank God for all this.
Goodbye, and all the best. Thanks for reading this.
Ciao Gilda
Angels The Color White Is Often Used By The Angels In Our Dream To Communicate
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