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A Sign From My Angel Testimonial Of Sara Luce

A Sign From My Angel Testimonial Of Sara Luce The Three Keys
A Sign From My Angel Testimonial Of Sara Luce : preface, I was writing the second section of 'Contact your Guardian Angel'. I had promised to you that by the second Monday I would have been able to explain all of it to you, but the more I wrote, the more I realized that it would have been better to guide you and to let you absorb certain concepts before proceeding further; at a certain point of my work, this thought became a decision and instead of two sections, it became a three-section work.
As I often do, if I don't need to use the car, I lend it to Gabriella so that she can reach her work place more easily, considering that often she works shifts that don't match very well with the public transport timetable.
I was writing on the piece that I had mentioned, when the door intercom phone rang, it was Gabriella.
Distractedly, I had initially grabbed the documents and the car keys from my bag and I had put them on the worktop in the kitchen.
Gabriella and I chatted for a little while and then she asked for the keys.
'They are over there, I got them ready for you'. She replied 'but where are the keys?' Quite surprised I looked myself, there was only the car alarm device and the small alarm emergency key ..... and what about the keys??????
I opened my bag again, I did not see them, I remember that the key ring had gotten stuck between the sheets of the document, I reopened the document file at that specific point and I saw something strange: there were the three keys, straight, neatly distanced one from the other, and last was the ring that had been holding them together.
I don't know if you catch my meaning, basically the keys had been taken out of the key ring (which is a double ring and very hard to open) and they were lying there, close to each other but separate.
I immediately thought of a sign from my Angel, but what was he trying to tell me?
After a few days I was on the phone with Andrea, we talked about several things, including the fact that I would have split the work in three sessions, then we talked about something else including the strange occurrence with the three keys. He asked me 'what keys were they?' and I replied that one key was for the pedal-lock, one was the ignition, and one was the small gate that allows me to get quickly into the house.... ........ and Andrea told me 'Well, this is what it means: with the first session you facilitated the movement (the pedal-lock key), with the second you jump started it (the ignition key) and with the third you helped get in touch easily with the Home of the Father (the small gate key) .... I was sure that this is what Samuele was trying to tell you, He is also in agreement with the work being split into three stages so that the work will be better and will give better results'.
How is your experimenting proceeding?
Sara Luce
A Sign From My Angel Testimonial Of Sara Luce The Three Keys
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