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Guardian Angel The Love Of An Angel

Guardian Angel The Love Of An Angel Extraordinary Things Testimonials
Guardian Angel The Love Of An Angel : how far can the love of an Angel reach? I don't know. I have seen extraordinary things happen and I believe I will see many more, and all of them all in the name of one word: Love.
Necessary preface: all of you on the mailing list have received the three sections on the Angels and coincidences, but for Giampiero, who is not on the list, I had decided to send him the entire package in one go, once I had completed the work.
Lately his Angel has been very, very active, but you will see this from his very words in one of the next testimonials. I knew all about it because every time Giampiero would tell me or ask me.
Over the last few weeks, there was also our regular exchange of e-mails for various reasons .... So that evening, as it was normal, I saw an e-mail from him and I decided to open it and read it. He was replying to my last message, but .... I opened my eyes really wide .... How was it possible? .... It was not possible! .... The text with his reply was preceded by the following text 'The contact with the Angel 1' .... I read on, there was the entire section .... But I had never sent that text to him.
I was shaken, so I decided not to answer him straight way, and instead I read the other letters that I had received.
Then I went back to Giampiero's e-mail, I opened it once again and the text had gone, in its place there was my exact text that I had sent him with my last e-mail.
So the following morning, now confident about what his Angel wanted to show me, I called Giampietro 'I have a message from your Angel, he invites you to act upon what I have taught on that job, he wants to communicate with you and with that method he will be able to do that'.
I will let you imagine the emotions and the surprised that Giampiero felt.
Angelic Magic.
With this little testimonial I say goodbye to you and I will take some days off for vacation. The touch of an Angel will return in January with the new testimonials.
I wish every one of you, from my heart, a beautiful Christmas and a wonderful New Year and a big kiss and thanks to each one of your Angels.
Sara Luce
Guardian Angel The Love Of An Angel Extraordinary Things Testimonials
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