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After Death Dream Vision Into The Dimension

After Death Dream Vision Into The Dimension Of The Deceased Experience
After Death Dream Vision Into The Dimension : when we lose a person that is dear to us, even if this person leaves his or her physical clothes to enter into the new dimension of life, welcomed by God, the pain for us is great; after two days from the death of his father, Andrea had this dream-vision, a very emotional experience, while mentally there would be many questions to ask, despite the Angel who is with him now (the young girl) in this experience, it's the heart and the emotions that are speaking while the mind is completely in the background, just like it always happens and it happens to everybody, it's the heart that gives you the answers and these are exactly the most important answers that we want to receive; Sara Luce
Andrea: The meeting with my father
Dear friends I want to tell you about the wonderful experience that I had early this morning.
At about 6 am I was woken up by a very strong storm, it literally kicked me out of bed, after that I could not go back to sleep again, and then after about 45 minutes I finally managed to fall asleep again and this is when the wonder happened ....
What I am going to describe you is a dream, but a very real dream, I know that when the dreams are so realistic they are actually journeys experienced with other parts of our bodies, our finer parts, many call these journeys astral journeys, through which with the finer parts of our bodies which we all possess, we can venture into different dimensions form our own, therefore even into the dimension of the deceased.
I found myself in the courtyard of the house where my father was born, it's a house that I know very well because I lived there for a year when I was a child.
I was in front of the entrance door while he was in the courtyard, he was facing the other way, facing the side entrance of a restaurant that is also located in the same courtyard.
As soon as I saw him I realized that the Angels had allowed him to meet with me again, I realized that I was experiencing an astral journey, so I called him 'Dad'.
He turned around and came toward me, I was pleased to see that physically he looked good, let's say just like he looked a year younger, if not more, he walked well although I do not remember what he was wearing.
He came up right in front of me, we looked into each other's eyes, in our lives we never did that, we both have a particular character, rarely did we express what we feel inside, it's a family trait because even my grandfather was like that.
I saw that his eyes were beautiful and luminous, not like they were lately, worn out by the illness, I felt an enormous desire to hug him, I could feel that he wanted to do the same but .... I did not do that, why didn't I do it .... I am so stupid, we stood a few moments looking at each other, his eyes were also teary ...
Then he told me ' But, up here, they don't make those cakes with the powdered sugar on top', I immediately understood from his words what he was trying to tell me, he was referring to the cakes that are pictured on the boxes of the yeast called 'Angel Bread', you have to understand that in his life he really liked to eat, although unfortunately over the last few years, due to his illness, he could hardly eat anything, but up there he must be making up for it ....
My reply to him was 'Just ask for it and they will give it to you'. Then I asked him: 'But is there light where you are?'
'Yes, there is light ...' was his answer.
At that point I could see the place where he probably is, I saw a small village, with old-fashioned style homes, I saw a descending road, a very tranquil little town on the hillside, I saw the sun rising, slightly obscured by clouds, like in the early morning.
Then I went back to the courtyard, I could see that he was not alone, there was a young woman, she appeared to be about 30, I think that she was the person who was following him up there, to recover from the suffering from the illness while on Earth, but there was also my sister Francesca, who was too stunned to say hardly anything.
The young woman told me to ask him other questions if we wanted, but I couldn't think of anything ... although I know I would have thousands of things to tell him ....
But now all is clear to me, I found out what I needed to know, he is well, he is looked after, he is in the light, as alive as ever ... Then I see that he enjoys himself while he is dressing various dishes, he is finally doing what he had not been able to do anymore for a while in his life and he is in the light ....
I hug every one of you,
Good Bye from Andrea
After Death Dream Vision Into The Dimension Of The Deceased Experience
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