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Sara Luce One Of The Important Experiences

Sara Luce One Of The Important Experiences Of My Life Now it's Our turn
Sara Luce One Of The Important Experiences : I have recently returned from the Convention organized by the Movement for Hope that took place in Cattolica; I am quoting something from the leaflet 'The purpose of the event is the same as always: identify and analyze experiences, studies and researches that provide evidence in favor of the hypothesis of the survival, in brief, it talks about life after physical death.
I went there to meet Adriana Scaficchia because for the last 25 years she has been using metaphony (see footnote at the end of the testimonial) as a mean to get in touch with the Other Dimension .... Further simplified, the place where the people whom we have loved reside today and continue to live and grow in the Light of God.
I had already approached this method but I needed some direct help from Adriana to understand exactly what an 'anomalous wave' was. And the convention turned out to be one of the important experiences of my life.
Not only I did I get to know Adriana with her extensive experience and her love, but I met and I was enriched by the many wonderful people of the Green Circle based in Venezia-Mestre, and I listened to some very interesting testimonials during the event.
But let's come to the angelic testimonial: during the Convention some changes had been made to the order and timing of presentations of the various guests therefore, when I arrived on Saturday morning, the speech was already under way, she was talking about meditation.
At one point, the presenter asked for the lights to be dimmed, she put on some music and invited everyone to join in a meditation conducted by her. I sat myself comfortably, I closed my eyes and I immediately felt my Angel Samuel taking my hand and caressing my face .... Amused and surprised, because I had not called Him, I asked 'But, Samuel, what are you doing here?' ......
He continued to caress me and I just let myself be pampered ....
The meditation began with a relaxation exercise and then ...... we did the very same exercise that I also do during the sessions with the my group with the Angels to get in touch with your own Angel ....
That's what Samuel was doing, that was the time allocated for the Angels. It was their turn and He was there too :-))))))))))))))
Sara Luce
Metaphony is a hands-on technique (with the help of a simple tape player and a radio with short wave frequency (SW) to listen to the voices of the Other Dimension. The feedback obtained during this research assures that everybody can experience the metaphonic approach to listen to voices, without running into raising of spirits. For many people in mourning, initially this can be a traumatic meeting due to its exceptional nature, however this can also provide great trust and renewed hope to quell the pain and the desperation of the soul. Adriana Scaficchia is the main promoter of the Green Circle and she promotes the self-management of listening sessions, helping those who are suffering to master this technique and to do so completely independently and without help from any other human channel.
Sara Luce One Of The Important Experiences Of My Life Now it's Our turn
www.leparoledegliangeli.com/en (the words of the Angels)

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