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Close Encounters With An Angel Radiant

Close Encounters With An Angel Radiant With Happiness Testimonials
Close Encounters With An Angel Radiant : december 1995. I was driving my old camper vehicle from Rome back to Cesenatico Italy where our 'base camp' was (work base), the camper did not drive faster than an average of 80 kilometers an hour, not even downhill; it was creaking everywhere, just imagine, the windows would come open with every sharp curve; it was very cold and there was a lot of snow, however the state road E45 seemed clean, so I hoped to make it all the way home, as planned, by 19:30; this is what I had said to a friend of mine and to my boys, whom, at that time, were all down with flu and high temperature.
At around 18:00 near San Sepolcro the police stopped me and told me that I could not drive any further because there was too much snow on the crossing and I had to drive all the way back to Terni, and from there I had to take the road through San Ubaldo. I got very disheartened, because I had wanted to be home with my children like I had promised, and there was no way to warn them that I was going to be late - at that time we did not have cell phones yet - and my friend did not answer the phone when I tried to call her from the petrol station when I stopped to refill the tank.
I had put a gospel music tape on in the stereo, the volume was very high because the noise from the engine was very loud. I was sad and weak.
At one point I felt a lot of warmth. I was scared .... I immediately thought that the camper was on fire, it was practically impossible to feel heat in the middle of the winter. I turned, but I did not notice anything strange, the control panel showed that the engine was working properly.
Then I felt the heat coming very close and I even saw .... two beautiful white arms that hugged my shoulders from behind me. I turned and I saw a beautiful face, wonderful, pure, deep, wise, sweet, understanding, joyful and luminous. Simply divine. The hair looked like sun rays, the eyes like the sea, the smile like happiness. It was dancing to the rhythm of the black music.
I understood then that it was a special moment of a divine appearance and all I could think was that I did not want it to end.
I extended my hand out to him and he gave me his, and when our fingers met I felt happy, like never before and never after - so far.
His touch went straight through to my heart, and then through my right hand he came completely inside of me, I could even see it. He kept his splendid hands on the steering wheel next to mine, basically on the steering wheel there both my hands and his, his hands coming out of my own arms.
We talked. He asked me what I wished .... I replied: 'Nothing, when I have you' (I did not care about anything else at that point, not even his name or anything else)... he told me happily that we would have always been together.
And something strange also happened, I was not really sure about it, but sometimes it felt as if my battered camper touched the road surface, maybe we were flying. All I know is that at 19:30 we were right in front of my house and the engine was not overheated and we had covered a lot of road, from the time the police stopped me, we did not cover 100 kilometers, but nearly 300.
The boys asked me what had happened to me, because in their eyes I looked radiant 'I saw an Angel, he was in the camper with me'
Ciao, Eva
Close Encounters With An Angel Radiant With Happiness Testimonials
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