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Helped By My Guardian Angel The Questions

Helped By My Guardian Angel The Questions Of The Test
Helped By My Guardian Angel The Questions : I want to tell you what happened to me a few days ago; about a week ago I was supposed to take a test for which I had been studying, but I had a lot of doubts about it because there were some concepts that I could not remember well, I had asked Luce, my Guardian Angel, to help me so I prayed that the test featured only the subjects that I better prepared for.
When the teacher dictated the first two test questions I was extremely happy, they were exactly what I had hoped for, but at the third and last question my heart began pounding fast, the teacher had added a question related to a seminar from during no-one had understood the connection to the subject of economy since the seminar was about art.
I wanted to get up and leave as I knew that even if I answered perfectly to the first two questions I would have had no hope of passing the test, then the words of a friend of mine came to my mind, a few days before she had said: 'Let your Angel take care of you and everything will be fine', and that's what I did. I asked Luce to suggest to me what I should write on the test and during the last five minutes I wrote something, I don't even remember what I wrote.
Today the test results came out, I scored 27. So I have to thank Luce who once again has been close to me and has helped me.
Helped By My Guardian Angel The Questions Of The Test
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