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Asking For Help To The Cosmos

Asking For Help To The Cosmos Ticket Controller Of The Train And The Station
Asking For Help To The Cosmos : my friend and I were travelling back by train from Bologna to Ora (a small town near Bolzano Italy); we waited for four hours for that train because there had been a strike; we took the train at 23:30; it was 1:30 am when I fell asleep; I did not even notice when the only other person in our train compartment got off the train at Trento; at one point I heard the voice of my friend asking 'Does this train stop in Ora? and the controller replied: 'no! - It only stops in Bolzano'; I got up instantly. I was in a state of stupor and tired; that trip seemed endless; our car was in Ora, we would have had to find a way to get back to our car in the middle of the night; there are no buses at 3 in the morning in Bolzano and a taxi would have cost us a fortune for our budget.
In ten minutes we would have reached Ora. Bolzano was 45 minutes away. A ticket inspector came and wanted to check our tickets even though they had already been checked by a different controller back in Verona. But, what a surprise!!!! We could not find the tickets anymore. We looked in our books, our food, we emptied our bags. Nothing. It was as if they had disappeared by magic. The controller patiently left us to look for our tickets and came back 3 times. Still no tickets. We would have had to pay for them again, plus a fine. I could not even feel worried, or angry, I was so exhausted and sleepy I could not think straight, I was living through that moment as if I was in the middle of a film, as if that scene did not really include me and I was observing my friend who was agitated and worried.
Ready to give it up, all of a sudden the controller came back to us and said: 'Did you not need to get off the train at Ora?' - 'Yes', we replied. 'Good, continued the controller, take your stuff and get off now. We don't know why, the train was not supposed to stop at Ora, but since we are in Ora now, and the train is stopped, you might as well get off'. Bewildered, we descended from the train at Ora. We asked him how much we owed for the tickets but his reply was the following: 'Oh, never mind, I am sure your tickets are somewhere inside your books'. Thankful, you will never imagine how much, we were standing there, while we watched the train leave.
In the middle of the night, my friend told me: we need to thank your Angel and mine.
That lady that was in our compartment, before getting off in Trento, explained to me that if the train had not stopped in Rovereto, that it would certainly not even stop in Ora. That's when I worried, I did not want to wake you up because I knew you we are very tired, so I started asking for help to the cosmos. I asked to send me a ticket controller to get more information and find out if the train stopped in Ora.'
That is what happened, 15 minutes before the unscheduled train stop, that's when it all happened.
We thanked our Angels many times, the station was obviously empty and locked up. We had to climb over the gates, and we went straight to our car to drive to Bolzano, we were tired, sleepy, confused, but happy, happy for what in our eyes was a great miracle.
Even talking about it now still feels like a dream.
Asking For Help To The Cosmos Ticket Controller Of The Train And The Station
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