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The Birth Of An Angel A Sphere Of Blue Light

The Birth Of An Angel A Sphere Of Blue Light In The Delivery Room
The Birth Of An Angel A Sphere Of Blue Light : the testimonial that you are about to read is one of the most sublime experiences that have been shared with me and that I now share with you; the testimonial comes from Miriam, a woman who lives in Uruguay next to Mother Esmeralda, a person that a few of you already know; these days Miriam is on a tour here in Italy visiting a few people and we went for dinner together with other friends; the testimonial is titled 'The birth of an Angel' because this is precisely what it is about.
Often in our way of talking we use the expression 'that person is an Angel', or 'it was an Angel', 'she behaves like an Angel', sometimes we talk about Souls that really know how to Love, sometimes they are Souls that are in a highly evolved state, sometimes they are actual Angels that incarnate.
The very same Angels and God have talked to us about this; some Angels descend to carry out specific tasks, some others to be of help to many, others to be of support to specific groups of Souls, others because they can not bear to tolerate what is happening here with us and they want to try to do something, and many other reasons that, I hope, we will gradually learn to understand, but beyond their tasks is always the Love that pushes and it's always Love that moves. Just like the Angels explained to us, the Soul comes into the body immediately before the birth, at the last stage of the delivery or in the days immediately after the delivery.
But let's read Miriam's words:
Miriam: The birth of an Angel
My nephew Martin is truly a special child, today he is five years old and he is learning to write and to count, but he could already speak perfectly since he was a year and a half old.
When he was born something extraordinary happened, something that was witnessed by everybody: in the delivery room there were his mum, his dad, and four doctors. As soon as the child was born they cut the umbilical cord, they gave the child the initial after birth care and then while they were holding him in their arms, in front of everybody, a large sphere of blue light appeared right above the baby, the light entered the baby, almost as if it was sucked in from the body of the baby.
Everybody was astonished, nobody talked, probably everyone thought that they had seen something incredible but everybody thought that they had been the only ones to see it ..... but then someone broke the ice and they all confirmed that they had seen the same phenomenon.
Martin is really like any other child, he does the same things that other children do, but often we find him playing with two 'presences', one female and one male 'But granny, I am playing with the Angels, can't you see? And ever since he learned to speak he always repeats the two names of the Angels that are next to him.
Sometimes he surprises me because he will come to me, look at me and say 'Granny your back hurts, doesn't it?' and I confirm that it's correct and he will say ' Wait, now I am going to give you a massage' and with his little hands he massages my back, with circular movements and the pain disappears.
Once, while we were out for a walk, next to a large tree, Martin stopped dead in his track and began staring at this tree in ecstasy; when we called him to catch up with the rest of us he said 'Look, look, the Lady is there, the Lady is there', he kept repeating, I had a small tape player with me and I turned it on 'The Lady is there, she is looking at me, she is smiling, she is saying one word, she says ....... ' I kept that recording.
I do not know what will be the mission of Martin in his life, all I know is that he is a very special child.
The Birth Of An Angel A Sphere Of Blue Light In The Delivery Room
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