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Guardian Angel The Daily Contributions

Guardian Angel The Daily Contributions Of Our Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel The Daily Contributions : a few days ago I received an e-mail from Mauro (someone who has been following our/your angelic testimonials for the last three years); in his letter, he noticed how very often our testimonials talked about moments where something striking happened, but never or hardly ever do they talk about stuff that happens in the daily lives together with our Guardian Angel who inspires us, guides us and supports us in every moment, whether we are aware of it or not; there is a truth in this letter from Mauro, it is true that I tend to choose to share those testimonials that can be attributed to Angels 'beyond any reasonable doubt', but I have always done it with the intent to show, even to the most skeptics, the factual existence of Angels; however I welcome Mauro's critique and I invite you to enrich the angelic testimonials even with the daily contributions of our sweet Guardians, maybe also by giving more space to the emotions that your heart and your Soul felt with that experience.
And I will be the first to start, with something that happened just today ... I was thinking whether to write this introduction that you have just read and, if so, I wanted to put it as an introductory 'hat' to a testimonial that I meant to send you today when .... the phone rang, it was Anna Maria, who after a while told me 'Today I have an Angelic testimonial to tell you .....'
Anna Maria: The crossword
It's a dark period in my life, it's been going on for a long time now, what with all of the problems with the house and my father's health. Recently, following a problem with his gall bladder, we had to run to the hospital in the middle of the night.
.... It looks as if he has a polyposis and we will have to operate on him.
I have had to transfer into my father's house again, to take care of him, I sleep in the little room with my brother, on a bed that is a killer for my back pains, my husband keeps driving back and forth, in a nutshell it's a strenuous situation that has no alternatives.
I even hardly have the time to go to my computer, sometimes I read the angelic testimonials, but since the computer is laid out in a way that is not comfortable for me to use, I have to look at the monitor from a funny angle and that makes my back hurt even more.
My only distraction is to do the crosswords, due to my limited spare time. The other day I was determined to complete one crossword, which had many definitions. Part of me wanted to give it up and to take on an easier one, but another part of me wanted to complete it at all costs. I kept reading and re-reading the definitions, amongst which one was: 'It protects you without being seen' I wonder what it is, I kept asking myself, and I tried to answer the other definitions.
Then I decided to stop. I meditated a bit and I talked to my Angel, I told him many things, I wanted to feel his presence, I was feeling so discouraged, I needed a sign, I wanted it immediately, I needed to feel that I was not alone .... And I talked on and on and on.
Then I took on my crossword again, the same one that I was determined to complete, I looked at the letters that crossed the definitions 'It protects you without being seen'. ..... and this time the answer arrived immediately ... It's .... Guardian Angel
What a beautiful feeling I felt, I felt so heartened and encouraged, I was so happy and so amused that finally a smile reappeared on this face that lately is always so tense, I experienced this as that urgent sign that I had asked of my Angel.
A hug from Anna Maria
And I, Sara Luce, in turn I interpreted Anna Maria's phone call as a sign just as I was evaluating whether to write the introduction or not, so I changed my plans for today's testimonial. Both our experiences, Anna Maria's and mine, could be debatable, but do you know what the real sign is that lets us know that it was actually the daily help coming from our Angel? It's the fact that we recognize it, we feel it clearly and it's evident inside of ourselves .... Beyond every desire or expectation of ours, is precisely the fact that we feel it so true, so authentic inside ourselves, that gives us the certainty that what was given to us, came from our Angel.
Guardian Angel The Daily Contributions Of Our Guardian Angel
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