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An Angel Was Protecting Me

An Angel Was Protecting Me A Bright Light As Sunny Stopped The Car
An Angel Was Protecting Me : my mother had passed away not long ago, I was extremely close to her, I was even an only child; the loss of her was a great shock to me, especially because she passed away suddenly, without saying anything; I felt disappointed, abandoned from her, but I could not resign myself to her loss. I even lost my will to live and to be joyful. I no longer went out anymore, I did not care about anybody; not even about the pain that my father was feeling, relatives kept us company, but I myself felt alone and abandoned.
As if that was not enough, many other things in my life went downhill .... my love life, the house, the job .... So much so that I tried to commit suicide more than once! But every time I tried ... I even slit my veins ... but to no avail .... they noticed it and they came to my immediate rescue! Luckily an auntie of mine was always very close to me ... she followed me wherever I went .... since I had tried to take my own life she never lost sight of me.
I went for treatment to a doctor, to treat my depression in which I had sunk ... I had gotten better, but the smallest thing was sufficient to send me into total darkness again!
One night, it was the 14th of August, while I was at the seaside with my friends, I just could not take it any longer and I wanted to go back home. We were at the seaside and my home was about 45 minute away by car. I got up, telling my friends that I want to go home, I was thinking about my mother and I cried. The guys tried to stop me but I did not want to hear of it. I took my car and I ran back home.
During the drive home all I could think of was her, I missed her and I just wanted to die so that I could see her again! I remembered that at one point of the road, after a long straight stretch of road, there was a bend, and if one did not drive slowly ..... it could kill you. In fact, many young men who drove recklessly lost their lives at this particular bend.
At one point, I thought that if I drove extremely fast on that bend, I could smash into the wall and that would be the end! Good idea, I thought, I pressed the accelerator pedal all the way down, I was crying and I was repeating to myself ... 'that's it, it's the end forever .... wait for me mum, I am coming ..... nobody will separate us now!'
I was crying and I was shouting my mum's name .... When all of a sudden .... It was around midnight .... There was nobody on the road .... I saw a bright light as if it was sunny, but it was not the sun, not even a headlight, and I felt as if a person was holding back my car, making it slow down .... In fact the accelerator pedal released itself, and the brake pedal lowered by itself, and stopped the car. I didn't see anything, all I felt is that the car stopped abruptly by itself only about 50 centimeters from the wall and a great light enveloped me.
I descended from the car, I thought I was dead .... I didn't understand anything, but I was still alive and a feeling of peace and comfort and trust pervaded my entire body. From that moment on I gained trust in myself, I decided to move on, not to be sad, an Angel was protecting me!
I had a tattoo done on my shoulder in memory of that event .... I have a picture of an Angel with my mum's face! Now I know that an Angel is following me everywhere I go and it protects me! And now I suspect that in the past, every time I tried to take my life, it was the Angel arranging things so that my auntie kept rescuing me just in time .... Especially when I cut my veins!
Let's have faith in them .... They love us and they follow us and they help us during the good and the bad times of our lives!
Now I am all right, I miss mum, but I no longer fall into depression and I am no longer taking any medications, life is beautiful and I am happy for everything that happens to me .... good or bad that it may be ...
An Angel Was Protecting Me A Bright Light As Sunny Stopped The Car
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