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Guardian Angel Love And Mercifulness

Guardian Angel Love And Mercifulness From My Guardian Angel Experience
Guardian Angel Love And Mercifulness : dear Sara, today it's my turn to write my experience also because this afternoon I promised my Guardian Angel that if He helped me I would have told everybody just how much love and mercifulness I received from Him at all times, for both the important things and less important ones; here it is, set off with our car for a 100 kilometers trip to do a job with a pre-set start time, you know that I work in the show and events business and it is therefore necessary for me to arrive well before the show begins, after a couple of kilometers, maybe two, the car stops, we are out of petrol, due to a series of previous complex issues to do with petrol and gas and tank being too full, etc, anyway the gas is not working and the petrol tank is showing empty, it's late already, our agent will be furious, we will lose our job, there are three of us, me and my two colleagues, nobody can help us, we are stopped in front of a cemetery, only my partner could come to my rescue with a tank full of petrol but I don't want to call him and make him run as usual since lately he has not been feeling very well and he needs to be left in peace and quiet.
So, as usual, I turn to Him, my wonderful love, who assists me with an incredible patience with all of these little ridiculous instances.
I ask, then the driver tries to start the car again, just for the sake of it, and ..... the car starts slowly although I have no idea with which petrol ..... it appears that there must be some petrol left .... But I know just how blue that petrol was .....
We drove at least three kilometers and through three painstakingly slow traffic lights ... until we found the first petrol station .... a girl was there, all upset because the automatic payment machine did not take money, hers or ours .... Well, we indeed arrived at our destination and we were even early, and the show went beautifully ....
Here, my dear Sara, I have kept the promise I had made to my Angel .....
He is always with me, He loves me, He understands me, He makes my life easier more than I manage to make it more complicated ..... He makes good on everything with a mercy that I only remember seeing in my mother, who maybe is interceding through Him for me .....
A kiss to everybody with pure love .... Have a good day!
Guardian Angel Love And Mercifulness From My Guardian Angel Experience
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