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Angels Messengers Of God

Angels Messengers Of God To Proclaim Their Presence My Story
On 10th July I was stopped at a red traffic light: there was a truck on the other side of the road, across from me. The truck moved on at the green light and I soon realized that it was going to hit my car. I tried to honk the horn to warn him, but I could not do it: I don't know how, but it was blocked. So I covered my eyes with my hands thinking that that was the end for me: my car would be destroyed and of course I would not escape alive.
I am not exaggerating and I know perfectly well that it's extremely difficult to understand for those who do not believe in Angels, but at one point I suddenly felt extremely light.
The truck smashed my side mirror and it scratched the car on the driver side, but I repeat that I felt so very light and the enormous vehicle seemed to have become transparent.
I felt a spiritual presence entering my body and holding me still and I was not afraid because I knew that next to me was the presence of my grandfather and of course Their presence (yes, I say Them because there were many Angels) was still protecting me.
I have to say that just before this happened to me, I was aware of their presence in my house (shadows that brushed my hands or my body, that caressed my shoulder) but I never felt to be worthy enough to hear them or see them.
Now I am ecstatic at all that has happened because they have given Their message to me and now I want to pass it on to all who will read my story: They exist, they are God's messengers and I believe in God completely and I want to thank Him to have chosen me to proclaim their presence.
I love life, I love God, I love his messengers, I thank you for existing.
To all of you, do try to call them with faith and especially with a lot of love and They, I am sure, will make themselves heard and, why not, even seen.
Title Angels Messengers Of God To Proclaim Their Presence My Story
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