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The Universe Brought You Here For A Reason

The Universe Brought You Here For A Reason Abandon Yourself To It
It was a very black day, of a very black period. I was not sure some of the choices I had made were the right ones, but by then the deed was done.
It was one of those mornings when you never want to wake up, when you would like to sleep forever .... I was on a bus, going to the shop where I held a temporary job.
Sad thoughts crowded my mind. I was here, and I did not understand why. I could not go back, I did not how to go forward.
The words of a yoga teacher that I had met some time earlier kept coming back to my mind: The Universe brought you here for a reason abandon yourself to It, It will take you there.
Strong words, nice words, but not always enough for me to find my peace again.
What did I know about the design of the Universe? And if there was nobody to hold me up, was it really such a good idea to let myself go?
I asked the Sky to give me a sign, to let me understand if I had interpreted correctly the will of the Universe.
The bus stopped at a traffic light, I was standing up and I was looking out of the window, thinking about my life and paying no attention whatsoever to what I could see from the bus window when all of a sudden I realized just what I was seeing: on the other side of the road there was a large refrigerated truck of a well known brand of organic foods, it was driving slowly in the opposite direction. It was very large and completely white, no colour anywhere. I had never seen a completely white truck
But that was not the point.... On its side there was a large blue writing that occupied its entire side: 'GOOD LUCK DANIELA'
I looked at it for at least a whole minute, not believing my eyes, trying to find a logical explanation for someone to have written those words on a truck, for there must be an explanation, but as of today, when I have sad moments, I like to think that it was for me.
Title The Universe Brought You Here For A Reason Abandon Yourself To It
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