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Blessings In The Morning

Blessings In The Morning The Little Old Lady Had Completely Disappeared
Blessings In The Morning : let's get to the crunch and I will tell you what happened to me; I leave the house early in the morning on the 10th of August just gone, I have a lot of things to do, as the following day I am leaving for my holiday trip to Reggio Calabria Italy; first of all I receive the 'blessing' of the owner of a clothes shop where I stopped at 09:00 am to buy a skirt, she gives me a discount and she blesses me because I am the first client of the day ...!
I leave the shop surprised and happy, I stop in front of a window shop and while I am looking I hear a voice behind me telling me: 'may the Lord bless you, soon you will receive a grace' ..... I turn and I see a little old lady with a plastic carrier bag full of groceries, I lean over thinking that she wanted me to help her carry it but she takes a step back and says: 'no ... so, did you hear what I said to you or not? Soon you will receive a grace'; I look at her, I smile and thank her, she takes my hand and she tells me that if I want to she can tell me other things about my future, at that point I reply that I don't want to know it, that 'my destiny is in the hands of God and it's enough for me, I am happy as it is!'
She caresses me on the cheek and she says 'good bye'.
A few yards in front of me I see my mum who asks me who was that little old lady that was speaking to me, I explain the situation to her, my mum says 'Let's stop her, I want to talk to her too' we turn around but the lady had completely disappeared. I ran throughout the small square, all lateral roads, but no one saw the little old lady.
Blessings In The Morning The Little Old Lady Had Completely Disappeared
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