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I Saw An Angel A Wonderful Angel

I Saw An Angel A Wonderful Angel Testimonials Presence Of An Angel
I Saw An Angel A Wonderful Angel : one evening, an evening just like many others, but our heart that night opens up to the Angel, a question and that evening becomes one of the most special ones in our whole life, listen to this testimonial from Laura
Laura: One evening
One evening I was going to have some injections done on my knees to treat my periarthritis, I needed to drive a number of kilometers to reach the doctor's place and whenever I drive alone I often think about my Angel or Angels.
That night I felt that He was particularly close to me, I asked him if he could please give me a sign of His presence in any way shape or form, I spoke to Him for a long time and then I arrived at the doctor.
During my return trip it was already dark, it was winter, I wasn't even thinking about Him at this point and suddenly, approximately at a point where an Abbey was erected, high up next to the Church, I saw a wonderful THING: it was an Angel, believe me.
I had never seen anything like it before, I started crying, I cried profusely and I was thanking him endlessly, it was wonderful.
I tried to go back to that place thousands of times, to see if it had been my imagination, if I had deceived myself, if maybe it was something similar to an Angel, maybe a rock in the shape of an Angel ..... I never saw anything after that.
I Saw An Angel A Wonderful Angel Testimonials Presence Of An Angel
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