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Experiences With The Angels The Meditation

Experiences With The Angels The Meditation Loved By My Angels
Experiences With The Angels The Meditation : this is my second series of meetings with the work group with the Angels, lovingly managed by Sara; today was the second meeting, following the Summer break, and I must say I was really tempted to just stay at home, also because the drive there and back is more than 150 kilometers, since I don't' live in Rome, and following a stressful week, I felt my heart was heavy and with little will to move.
But, of course, at the time of the meeting, I was there.
As soon as the mediation began, Sara told us to ask our Angels a question, on something that is important to us, and I asked my questions, after a few moments I saw my father's face, who has been in another dimension for many years now, but he is always present in my heart.
He looked at me with a stern face, waiting for me to 'feel' his presence next to me, to then open up with a smile the moment when I would 'realize' that he was close to me ..... just like he often used to do when he was still with us.
Then, continuing on the meditation, Sara suggested that we visualize a pink light full of love, like a cloud that starts out from our heart to expand all around us.
I found myself suspended a few meters from the top of the trees that surround the lake where I live, and I heard Ariel, my Angel, tell me 'not you!', and he, together with Michele's Angel, Michele is my love who lives far away and who asked Him to come to us to our meetings, started to push that little pink cloud that was coming out of my heart toward me, and I could feel the energy and the love pulsating, I visualized it as lots of tiny little balls, like pollen, I could feel completely surrounded by them and for a very long time I kept feeling cuddled and loved by my Angels. Immediately afterward I heard Sara's voice say 'Now turn that pink cloud towards you'.
The strange thing is that when we shared our experiences from that meeting with one another, Sara shocked me, by saying that she had never pronounced those words, even though I heard them very clearly.
Ariel usually puts his hand on mine, and even today he made his sweet presence felt to me.
Even Michele's Angel today was very sweet with me, at one point I felt an arm surround my shoulders, I leaned my head on his shoulder and I abandoned myself to his love.
At one point I heard someone walk, and at the end of the meditation session I asked if someone had moved in the room, but nobody did, and another person at the meeting also confirmed hearing someone walking, just at the same time as I heard it.
When during the meditation Sara told us to listen to the messages from our Angel, I saw Ariel come toward me with a kind of a tray that he had received from Sara, and when he put it close to me I saw that there were thousands of candles that were lit, of many sizes and dimensions, some quite large and decorated, some others tiny, with a miniscule light, I started taking the smallest ones, without getting burnt, and I passed them on to somebody else.
Then toward the end of the meditation, Ariel told me 'I help you, but don't wait for things to happen to you, make them happen'.
Now I feel full of joy and serenity. I love you.
Brief comment from Sara:
I realize that for those who don't know these people who are telling their experiences, sometimes, a lot of things may seem incomprehensible; during the group session we also talked about the meaning of the candles which are symbolically given from me to Ariel during the meditation and then to Angela .... but this message is about Angela. The nice thing that Angela wanted to share with you, in addition to the sweet experience with her father, is how the Angels, immersed in the great love that they have for us, in order not to disrupt my work, used my own voice to give her Their instructions (remember the entire discussion about the pink cloud? I did not have anything to do with the clouds, let alone pink clouds). At that time we were having a mediation on the Angelic Guides that assist the group in Catania, a mediation on self-healing and love for yourself and to send light-love to those who are suffering. The Angels oversee every meeting that we have and they simply encouraged Angela, by using my voice, to send love to herself, right now she needs it for herself. Maybe Angela did not know she did, or she was not aware of it, her sweet Angel Ariel and Blu (her loved Michele's Angel) knew that and that's why they created their own meditation within the meditation. And this is Love, even this is the Love of the Angels.
Experiences With The Angels The Meditation Loved By My Angels
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