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Communicate With My Spiritual Guides

Communicate With My Spiritual Guides And My Angel Testimonials
Communicate With My Spiritual Guides : for many years now I have been trying to communicate with my Spiritual Guides and in particular with my Angel; for many years now I have been waiting to hear 'with my own ears' what my Angel wants to tell me, especially to know his name.
When I heard about the work groups with the Angels that takes place in Rome, I immediately got in touch with Sara, and I started participating to the meditation sessions gently guided by her. As I am already used to meditation, I did not have any difficulty in receiving images, sensations, however unfortunately despite my great desire, my Angel did not speak to me.
During one of the last meetings, just before the summer break, following an extremely heavy week both from the point of view of work and personal life, at the beginning of the meditation I felt I was being picked up, as if I was a very little girl, and my Angel, told me while he was sweetly holding and cuddling me: 'you hard headed girl, I have been repeating my name to you for years, but you never listen to me' .... 'My name is Ariel'.
Even now, just like at that moment, I feel the sweetness and the tenderness of that moment, and just like it happened then, I am not able to hold my tears of joy. The same evening, I met a very nice lady called Ariella, who is helping me tremendously with my job.
In addition the name Ariel often buzzes around me, some of my dogs have had this name before, or maybe I might be reading a book, and that name comes up.
From that moment on I began to understand the signs that my Angel sends me, not through words, but in many different ways, now I communicate with him, and I realize that for many years I have been deaf to all of this, trying to listen to words and not managing to pick up the messages.
Thank you Ariel, for your immense patience, and for having opened a wonderful road with your love.
'You know, now it's Sara Luce writing to you, hearing all together Angela's experience made us understand another important aspect of the world of Angels which is that for the Angels there is no concept of forgiveness. Let me explain what I mean in more detail. It's not the first time that this happens, a person, difficult situations, we would like to feel the presence of our Angels in a manner that is much more direct and concrete, almost as if they were human beings like us, the difficulties, the rage, the feeling of being abandoned and fighting alone in this existence, at that point we doubt everything including the loving presence that we have felt next to us for a long time, then .... You just need to stop for a minute, create a space for communication, and our Angel..... there he is ..... ready as ever to cradle us in his sweet Love ..... None of the things, even the bad ones, that we may have said or done seems to affect his Love, just like with the sweet Ariel, because he who knows how to love, like the Angels can love, does not know forgiveness, he simply loves and that's it. This is the great teaching that the Angels, through Angela, gave all of us who now, thanks to her testimonials, we extend to all of you.'
Communicate With My Spiritual Guides And My Angel Testimonials
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