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Love After Death The Two Little Medals

Love After Death The Two Little Medals With A Little Madonna In The Center Experiences
Love After Death The Two Little Medals : are there Angels that watch over me? of course, of that I can assure you, if you knew how many times they helped me avoid having accidents with my moped; I am not a wonderful driver, but this is not what I want to talk about with you; a dear friend of mine gave me a little statue of an Angel for Christmas, which I keep on my bedside table; I know that the Angels are there, but, not since I am not able to see them, whenever I need them or I want to talk to them, I always speak to this beautiful little Angel.
A while ago I met a young woman, she is married with a beautiful little girl, we immediately struck out a deep relationship; she considers me like a 'mother' (actually, people have told me that my mannerism even resembles her mother's) and I see her a little like a 'daughter' and I spoil her every time she asks for me.
Let's go back to the story: the first days of February, I was at home, I had just finished deep cleaning the kitchen and I made myself some coffee. When it was ready I poured it into the cup and then I put the little spoon in the sparkling clean sink; I enjoyed my coffee, then I went to wash up the cup and spoon but .... The spoon had disappeared from the sink, .... In its place there were two identical little medals like those that you wear hanging from a necklace; two medals with a little Madonna in the center.
'This must be your doing' I said smilingly to my Angel 'you know what we shall do? You keep one (and I put it in the palm of the hand of the little statue) and I will wear the other one, I will carry it with me'.
After a few days I went to visit this 'daughter' of mine and I was telling her about what had happened; I took the little medal and I showed it to her. She became immediately very pale and she told me with hardly any voice left: 'You know, my mother and I used to have two little medals identical to this one'. She got up and we went to look for them, they were nowhere to be found, she did not take them, actually it had been a while since she last saw them. Then I decided to give her the little medal I was wearing and I would keep the one that the little Angel was holding for me.
This experience filled me with sweetness and compassion, I believe that the Angels wanted to communicate with us that they are watching us and our relationship and that the true mother of this friend, who sees us and is happy, but not only, I suspect that the true message of the Angels was 'Call us, you are not alone'.
Love After Death The Two Little Medals With A Little Madonna In The Center Experiences
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