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To Get In Contact With The Angels

To Get In Contact With The Angels There Are No Barriers Testimonials
To Get In Contact With The Angels : my name is Andrea and I have been following the meetings at Sara Luce's home for about 6 months, we are doing meditation sessions that help us improve ourselves and get in contact with our Guardian Angel; this is how I discovered, with the help of these creatures of light, about the existence of certain parts of my character that could be improved, I also decided I wanted to improve them because I thought that these 'imperfections' of mine would be an obstacle to the direct contact with my Angel, but last Wednesday (18th October) something happened that made me change my mind.
On Wednesday we had a meditation session with some music to help us balance our two cerebral hemispheres and therefore our two parts: the feminine and the masculine. In the end we had to answer this question: what do we think is obstructing the contact between our Guardian Angel and us, and we had to write our answers on a white piece of paper.
When the music stopped I started writing that for me the obstacles were a long list of imperfections in my character and that I wanted to work on it, I proceeded to list them one by one then Sara started asking around other people to hear what they had written, but Emma interjected and immediately said with much calm and firmness: 'I don't think that there are any obstacles!!!!'
I turned to look at her in surprise and that's when I realized that my long list was just a bunch of nonsense!!! In reality, what Emma was saying is true (in fact I made sure I thanked her for her comment); there are no obstacles because our Angels love us with pure and unconditional love and any imperfections, however serious, that we may have, they understand it and never judge us, instead they continue to love us.
In that precise moment I felt really stupid for not having understood it sooner; so I continued to write on my sheet adding that in reality my imperfections are not a barrier between my Angel and I, so there are no obstacles!!!!
This does not mean that I will not continue to work on my imperfections anyway, but I will do so with the certainty that this will not prevent my Angel from loving me and contacting me. I am shocked at how I did not see this sooner; it was so clear, but on the other hand I am learning more and more that the big truths are ever so simple ....
To Get In Contact With The Angels There Are No Barriers Testimonials
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