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The Great Help From The Angels

The Great Help From The Angels The Eviction Notice A Hand From The Angels
The Great Help From The Angels : when the rental agreement expired we received the eviction notice; the landlord had already been warning us of this for a while and we started looking for a new place, but rents were very expensive and my companion and I just could not afford it so we looked, and we looked, searching for a good price rental; our hearts were lifted when my mother told me that she would give us 50 million lira to help buy a home, on the condition that it must be nice and have at least three rooms; so instead of looking through the 'for rent' ads, we started looking through the 'for sale' ads; we found many obstacles because the price of homes with three rooms were much higher, often twice as much. So we wasted time reading ads, contacting people and viewing homes; then at the end we found one, pretty, a built without all the proper permits to be honest, in the outskirts of town, but I showed it to my mother, full of hope; I felt my heart sink in desperation when my mother dismissed it with a simple 'the area is not elegant and the neighbors are really working class people'; I felt that I was being taken for a ride, it was better if she had not even given me any hope, instead of allowing me to dream and making me look for a home that, under her conditions, was practically impossible to find in my city; she said 'I will ask your dad to see if he may be able to get you in on the assisted housing program using your eviction notice' and she left.
Even this solution looked pretty difficult right from the start and if they rented us an apartment it would be by miracle. In the meantime we started looking again. In the end something came up that we could afford. It was the holiday home of a colleague of my companion; it was in the countryside, it was not heated, but we would take care of that, and it was connected to downtown by a bus service that left at 6 a.m. and came back at 6 p.m. Without car I would have been completely isolated; I knew my companion well, and I knew that despite his promises, after 3 or 4 days he would have started to use the car; I was desperate, I could already picture myself in alone in that home, in the company of some stray cat and a mole digging through the garden. What could I do? I had no choice!
So the time for moving came.
On the Sunday morning the owner of the moving truck called us, the truck inexplicably broke down, he was really sorry both for his truck and for us, we pushed the moving date to the following Sunday. After two days, on the Tuesday, my dad called 'The assisted housing organization has a home available, shall we go and take a look at it?'
Even if it was falling apart I knew I would have accepted it if only it allowed me to stay in the city, but the home was even pretty. Why do I tell you this? Because I am convinced that in this situation, just like in others that happened to me in my life, there was the great Help from the Angels and even today, when I find myself in difficult situations, I don't feel alone anymore, I know that They will hold my hand again
The Great Help From The Angels The Eviction Notice A Hand From The Angels
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