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My Angel An Angelic Suggestion

My Angel An Angelic Suggestion Leaving My House Testimonies
My Angel An Angelic Suggestion : one day I was leaving my house and getting into my car, when a thought suddenly popped up in my mind: 'what would happen if a car drove on my side of the road?', I was quite shocked by that thought also because, with me being quite young, I never really think about car accidents and stuff like that; but that thought, at the same time strong but calm, surprisingly held my attention; I got into my car and I started the engine; I was going to drive on a local road to meet some friends, it was a quiet stretch of road, there were never many cars; I had driven it many times before, I knew it quite well and for this reason I was speeding a bit, so I just brushed off that thought from my mind and set off in my car.
I am usually a rather nervous type of person, but on that day I felt very calm; I was driving but I did not even notice that I was not really driving very fast.
Straight stretch of road, a bend, another straight bit, another sharp bend with limited visibility and.... all of a sudden a car drove straight into my side of the road; I swerved and I drove the car on the side of the road and I watched the other car as it drove right past me. A man in his fifties was driving it, perhaps he'd closed his eyes for a few seconds from tiredness and lost control of his car, now he regained control of the car and continued on without stopping. And I, with extraordinary calm, just like extraordinary was what had just happened to me that day, continued on my way.
I truly believe that on that day I was not the one who was in control of my car, I believe it was my Angel.
My Angel An Angelic Suggestion Leaving My House Testimonies
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