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Guardian Angel And Dream Repetita Juvant

Guardian Angel And Dream Repetita Juvant Testimonials Of Love From The Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel And Dream Repetita Juvant : very early this morning I got up, I was headed, as usual, to the dog and cat kennel where I do voluntary work, which lies about an hour away by car from my house; in my mind I kept thinking about a dream that I had had the previous night, which was quite remarkable since I never remember any of my dreams; I could visualize very clearly the image of my dream, it was my 4-wheel drive car losing control, my car spinning quickly, and then I could see a car approaching me from the opposite direction; It was a very well defined vision.
More than a bit apprehensive, I opened my curtains, I looked out and ... snow! The first snow of the season, a beautiful snowy day! I looked at the couple of inches that already covered the ground, I could easily choose to stay at home .... But I must go anyway: if it's snowing it certainly meant that it's very cold and I must go and check that they are all well. I get ready, I took the pet food that I had prepared the night before and I left. The roads had not been cleaned yet, there was very little traffic at that time of the day, and in any case the car was holding the road quite well in the snow.
I entered the highway and I gathered speed. The highway had also very little traffic, but at one point I found myself driving behind a car that kept accelerating and then hitting the brakes, accelerating ... etc. That made me nervous so I decided to pass it. I waited for the right time, I indicated and then I accelerated ... but not too much: right at that time, all of a sudden, I had a flashback of the dream that I had had and I instinctively pushed the brake pedal and slowed right down.
In the meantime, without realizing it, I found myself right in the middle of a bridge and the bridges, as you know, tend to ice over a lot more quickly than normal road surface, I just had not thought about that. I could feel my car losing control, I pushed the brake pedal and I could feel the ABS brake kicking in. The car continued to go its own way, it began to spin out of control but because I was not driving too fist I managed to regain control of it .... How awful ....
My Angels must have thought that I was a bit stubborn, and decided to send me the alarm danger not once but twice!!!
Guardian Angel And Dream Repetita Juvant Testimonials Of Love From The Guardian Angel
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