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Researches Into The Unknown And Spirituality

Researches Into The Unknown And On Spirituality My Guardian Angel
Researches Into The Unknown And On Spirituality : my husband is a skeptic, he does not believe unless he can see, this despite my repeating to him that the air that he breathes is also something that he does not see but he could not live without; he is also a victim of rationality, he playfully jokes with me on my alleged and very feminine researches into the unknown and on spirituality in all of its forms; despite this, he practiced Buddhism with me for four years, every now and then he very casually asks me what I am working on at the moment and is fascinated by my research; since he does not believe, but in essence he is willing to bestow a little bit of credibility upon me, one day I told him: 'You try it, next time you are in a difficult situation try to contact your Guardian Angel, clearly, and ask him 'Daniel, please can you do this or that for me', and this is already the third time that he calls me in the office to tell me that his Guardian Angel has helped him, and he tells me that with a smile on his face, as if he did not feel ashamed to let himself go with this flow of this 'games reminiscent of childhood'.
This morning, following a week where he has had problems upon problems at work, he calls me to tell me 'I have a client how is waiting for a shipment from Milan, it's urgent, it's now been a week that the goods can not be located, from Milan they tell me it's been shipped, the shipping company in Bologna says that they have not received it, and I have already told my client three times 'Don't worry, tomorrow you delivery will arrive' and the following day it's not there. The client is extremely upset, it's an unsustainable situation.
At this point I go for the second time to the shipping company to ask for any news, they look again at the terminal and they tell me that the shipment from Milan is showing up, but there is no record of the goods being stored in the warehouse in Bologna. They checked, but the goods are not there.
Desperate I ask my Guardian Angel for help, the girl at the computer says that she can't do anything about it. I then ask her if I can personally go into the warehouse to see for myself, but the girl replies that it's not possible for non-authorized personnel to enter the warehouse unaccompanied, so I insist that they find someone to go in the warehouse with me, and they agree.
Next to this person I start looking in the shipping goods headed for Milan, the pallet I am looking for is not there. We check everywhere, then the person tells me that we are wasting our time, so we start heading back when I casually glance at a pallet leaning against a wall, it's not located in the area marked for shipments headed for Milan, but I feel that I must go and check it out, I get close to look at it ... and there it was, the pellet I was looking for, it was there leaning against the wall
Researches Into The Unknown And On Spirituality My Guardian Angel
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